Last one.

This is the last post for a while.

I've been writing on this blog for the past seven years. And only for the past 5 it's been something I shared with the public, as the first two years this was just a private diary of some sorts. But since 2012 I've been writing short stories, rants, thoughts, and I have been asking questions I needed an answer to. And that answer came through writing. And thank you for sticking through for all these years and reading what I wrote. This will be very cliche, but in this case I don't mind. I'll just have to stick to the point.
Part I: Going mental.
As I stated in the previous posts, I am taking a break due to an overwhelming number of responsibilities, problems and mental issues that resulted from the sheer number of things I have to deal with right now. Another reason for taking this break, is for me to find an answer to some questions I've asked in Trapped: Summer, to which I still don't have an answer for right now. And tha…

Cheap Manifesto

This is really annoying.

There are a few big problems from my perspective. But before I get into all that, I have to preface by saying that I get it. I know why some of these things are done and what their purpose is. And I can understand them very well. It's because I understand them they piss me off. So let's get started... Why for the ever loving fuck are people selling their ebooks for scraps? I get that ebooks barely have any cost to them. But you don't see bands selling their albums for 0.99$ on iTunes or Google Play Music. No, they sell a song for 0.99$. Don't believe me? These are the current best selling albums on Amazon and this is their price. For download, not CD or Vinyl.
Now, there are plenty of ebooks that sell over the price of scraps. And it's encouraging to see so many authors that don't simply sell them for next to nothing. But there are plenty of authors that simply give it away for nothing. Now the idea behind selling your book for 0.99 is …

A broken machine and a soda

September, September...

Due to many problems stated in previous posts, and many other factors, this month wasn't easy. I need some time to recollect and put myself together. I need to deal with my mental health, I need to deal with my future, with my projects and to take care a bit of myself.
There are a lot of questions on my mind as of right now. There are a lot of doubts and things I have to figure out in order to regain some footing. Anxiety right now has me by the guts, determination left me some time ago. And all in all, I am in a really weird place where I don't know what to do with myself and how to continue writing. Because I don't want to put out something that sucks or I am not satisfied with. I also have to put a plan in place and define myself as a writer. Because of my mentality when it comes to the books I write, where I don't want to tell readers how they should read it, makes it hard for me to sell people on my work. So I need some time to fig…


It took me some time.
There is a reason behind everything we do. There's a reason I came to this conclusion. And I don't want to attack anyone. I am simply stating what I've been through and how I got here. 
Each and everyone of us seek a path, seek to do something from simply being happy and having our own little space and place in this world, to those that want to influence the world in a way or another and make a mark in our history. We each strive for that something that makes us feel like we're living and that makes us feel like it's worth it. As irrational as we might be, we still find some sort of reason in what we do and want. So a few years back when I decided I wanted to write books, since I was writing on this blog, since I was writing my own song lyrics and since I liked writing and storytelling. From anime, manga, movies, TV shows, certain and very specific books, life itself and the narratives I used to entertain the either boring or tough life. I wan…

Summer is trapped.

It was supposed to be today.

1. Problems.
Today was supposed to be the launch of Trapped: Summer. Sadly, the day job took over most of my free time. And working without a break on writing, marketing, cover, editing and proofreading, takes a lot of time and energy. But that wouldn't have been such a problem, if the book wouldn't have been inspired by many past experiences and people that came and left my life. So with a loss in the family, this became an even bigger task as I began to question many things. To rethink what I was doing to myself stretching myself thin between working, writing and thinking about what my future will be. Trying to make sense of all those things, to keep good on my promise of making the third book the best one yet. And complete the journey through a statement (the book itself) that would make it clear what I was here for. 
2. Ambition
From the style of writing, the themes, the way I portray characters, the way I construct a world and a story. To finali…

Welcome to a new segment on Nobody the Blog.

This is a new segment on Nobody the Blog named "Standard Practices"
We'll start with the following. Just because it's practice to do something a certain way and that's the way that has been done for years, does not mean it's perfect, does not mean it's the only way to do something. Or that is okay, when there is a better way. People seem to forget this pretty often. Example for this can reach from slavery, agriculture, housing, medicine, cooking, and everything in between. You can apply this logic to everything... So next time you do something in your own way, and people doubt you and ask you why. Just tell them it's because no one did it like this before.
Warning, this does not mean that you should try to cure your cold by eating chalk and snorting soup just because no one did this before. I am simply suggesting thought for alternatives in "standard practices."

Trapped: Summer Preview

Vile: What do you want to drink? Rose: I want wine… Vile: Sure, but I won’t drink it… Rose: Why? Vile: I don’t like wine. Rose: What? Why? Vile: I just… Rose: What? Vile: Nothing… Let’s just get a bottle of wine… Rose: What kind? Vile: Which ever one you prefer. Rose: Then this is it… Vile: Yeah… Rose: What? Vile: Nothing… Rose: If you don’t want it, we won’t get it… Just say it… Vile: No, it’s fine… Rose: Okay… Just don’t piss me off like the others. Vile: I won’t. Rose: We should get two… Vile: Probably… Rose: Where’s my wallet? Vile: Isn’t it in your tote bag? Rose: What? No… Vile: Shit… That means it’s where we ate those doughnuts earlier… Rose: Fuck! Vile: Be right back… Rose: Run… Vile: Fuck… How did this happen again? God damn it, I forgot so many things about… about this… Shit… On the bright side… This young body can run… I forgot how it was… It’s still here… Still intact… What fucking luck… What were the fucking chances… And for this to happen… Twice… Rose: Finally… Vile: Found it… Same place… Nothing mis…