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Just a simple day

Waking up with the sun in your eyes,blured in the reality,finding something to eat while barely watchingtelevision and having a coffee while somoking a cigar.As the smoke vanishesinto thin air you start your new day.

Taking a shower after you wake up,starting your way to work.Looking in the strangers eyes you go away and ask yourself "Will I become what I just saw?Someone with the same agony in their eyes?"As everything looks the same the thought that you already are there starts to get stronger and stronger into your brain.Finding a solution seems to fade away with the question itself as you work trough the day.Finding yourself home at the personal computer doing your routine the question pops up again in the brain.You go out for a drink looking at the people around you finding yourself in everyone around you.

As the path remains you try to make something new in the start of a new day,but a pattern you find in the bright of the morning and as you try to change everything.Yo…