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Some stories are are to be kept secret,some are to be forgot and some are to be kept and lived forever.

Walking in the shadows of a night through the cold rain seeing and every corner the everything you desire,the memories begin to come back to live and the wound you had is freshen up,it starts to hurt so bad there is nothing you can do.Raising your head in the rain start to open up and let everything out,every tear,every bit of pain left inside you.Time passes by you start to be forgoten by everyone you ever knew,the path clears up and you are given another chance to be free and start everything from the ground point.

With no one left by your side and no one to stay in your way the journey has began to a new world that you never thought it was there,brand new people,brand new things to explore and new places.Watching and observing all by myself this new world that has opened up with fear,excitment in the eyes making the first steps to something unkown.

Almost nothing left,no more lov…

Walking through a hurricane

I'm calling a hurricane,being in the eye of the storm willing to feel the pain,trying to reach the other side dead or alive.

With everything blown away,to the end of the present trying to put the puzzle together lost in the whole image just a mess trying to make sense.With the piece lost through space,time and logic I'm getting more and more agressive,hurt,willing to sacrafice everything for someone or myself I stand on the edge watching over my past,present and future for on last time determined to stop making sense of everything.Learning no more,just putting it in practice I've practiced enough waited too long.

It will show,it will pay off or not but as the storm is revolving around me and I can feel the power within me to make it stop.The puzzle is nothing more then your fantasy of past and future a wall that doesn't let you go beyond.Once everything you tried to make sense no more everything will change,keep your head down reading a story with every step looking ar…

Midnight rain

I stand alone in the midnight rain smoking a cigarette,looking for a hope,for a star,for anything to hold on.

I find myself trapped on the only road I ever know,lost through smoke,closed minds,ingorance and looking for something.Close to the edge,everywhere I walk or look memories haunt me.It's not that I can't remember everything,it's that I can't forget.There are secrets everyone has them,times you just can't forget and it's not about love or a person,it's about you and what changed you,what made you for who you are now,your fears,your wrongs and rights.Searching and searching trying everything to survive,you become a pupet of the ones that observe us and control us with illusion of freedom between closed walls.

The rain keeps falling cleaning the earth,we still manage do make it wrong,make mistakes that countinue to chase you down through life.Alone we search for someone,we try by any means necesery to make a change and find someone to hold on to or put …

The Time

You still remember the time you got off and met someone,but all that remained between the both of you are just silent words from an unkown past.

The time you tried to convince her that you could give her more than she could carry,that you were special.She started believing you,but you screwed up by bringing the past back to life trying to explain what you are.Just ending up in being friends and as time passes you got your second chance but didn't make the step that was needed. S now you go on as a friend.But you still get reminded that she could have been yours/

The person that doesn't have any middle just wrong or right,good or bad,inteligent or stupid,not avarage,not normal.But that isn't all there is to this curse,telling the truth to every person you know,but lying to yourself is the worst part of this curse,called myself.And even though I know the truth,one thing keeps me back,the fear that was struck into me since I was a child,the fear of failure holds me back.As fo…