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Tell me

No matter how many breaths did you take you still can't breathe...
Every step matters even if you make right or wrong,the path that defines you remains,the promises will chace you like the past,the rumors,the way you've been.Trying to escape by closing yourself down to nothing until the memory of you in the mind of the persons you know will become nothing then a mith,with a question mark on your existence in thier memories.
The shadow you let on the people you know will disappear,and the impac on them will fade away,as they will remember you vaguely.But as you close yourself down hold on to the dreams you once had and prepare your journey to a whole new level that you didn't had the courage to make your way too.As you do you start to open up again to regenerate the person you are in a better version,something new even for you.Starting to learn yourself again.The person you are once is dead and long gone and it is time for you to discovere what you can do,to reach further t…

Simple Life

When rebuilding isn't working and the world scares you with every step,life makes you a surprise and shows you again that at the end there might be something in for you.

At times the depth of the darkness that surrounds the world a blink of a light passes you by you have two choices grabbing in it and holding it close so that you may brake through or make your own way out of there.At this point I chose to do nothing but my own way,feeling like I don't deserve it yet,needing to grow up more be more mature,even my eyes tell me I can go on,I feel there is something missing that I did not learn yet.

Afraid,surprising,new,this three words are not in my dictionary anymore,as nothing can scare me anymore,I felt like I've seen everything,but that doesn't mean I know everything,as everything is possible any give thing imagined by menkind can be invented in just a blink of an eye.And from a simple person from the street of yuor city can become in just minutes billionare,general …