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2013 Interweb Celebration(I'm gonna do some internet part four)


Blog Year In Review

2013...aaaaaaaaaaand it's gone

Well it was a an interesting year.But too weird,for me at least,and this blog.Dramatic changes from dark and greedy to dramatic and romantic.Sometimes just ranting about things that don't seem to be rational to trying to explain the simplicity of most situations,and making new readers and repelling them fast by touching tabu subjects from a stupid point of view.But in the end reality isn't really subjective when it comes to facts and even some might disagree,well,they can always ask question there is a comment section under the post.
Some times I the posts get out of hand for being too much to write for a post,but not enough to write in a two parts so I try to put all the important points of views and arguments.And what's left are questions and curiosity,sometimes too many sometimes little to none.

And the last post I might do this year will be a I'm gonna do some internet post called Interwebz review 2013.

1.1. My Rules Of Arrogance

Before we go on with the chapter here's a short post about being arrogant but not an asshole.

1. If you are in an argument and the person you're arguing with doesn't bring valid arguments and explanations to the table and keeps he's point until it makes you mad,I believe that you have the right to be arrogant.
2. If you try to convince someone that they are making a mistake and that person starts arguing and,again, doesn't bring explanation,reasons or good arguments,you have the right to be arrogant.
3. If you want to do something you like,but someone is arguing without any back up against your have the right to do what you would like.
4. If someone cheats on you there are no excuses and you have the right to be arrogant.
5. If you have an honest opinion on something and speak your mind,and the response you get is harsh,you have the right to be arrogant.

1.Intellectual Hypocrite

Are we or are we not intelligent?And what makes us intellectual hypocrites.

It's odd considering the level of intellectual commitment that we thrive to achieve is becoming less and less a real of a target.We set our goals,we think ahead of ourselves and the situations we are in,and lose the reality that is now,not just the reality,but also the consequences.Then we continue to solve the problem,but not now of course,later,I mean,never mind just forget it.As we go through this process of aligning some idea and some theories that others had,but often are proven not to be worth.Learning makes us unique,because we can create so much more.
Now of course how we handle what we learn is a different process because with every day that passes our attention span shortens,well that's because one of two reasons,either we were thought wrong or we were thought just to do things.But then there are those that have a bigger interest what is his goal in life and learns the rules just to beat thos…

Love Misconception

Wrong,right...Love in sight

When it comes to love everyone has his idea of what it means and how it should play out,man many of us have that Disney implanted idea of prince charming or princess.But that doesn't always happen unless you're a good looking royalty,in which case,great luck.But not everyone is so,bad luck,but that's not the idea.The idea is that even though we have this great image of our future love,we just play it the other way,by thinking "well,if it's gonna come,it's gonna come.Something must be in store for me".Well that's wrong,and a long shot basing yourself on pure luck that someone's gonna like you.
But that's not the only misconception,the other one is the places we're looking for.How many of us thought we would find our love on the benches of our college years or even high school years and have a romantic movie feel to their love life.But most of the time every relationship we have in our early twenty's are disap…


Just because it is oldie but goldie,doesn't mean it is better than what there is today.

Nostalgia most of the time is remembering your childhood and your own adventures,and I'm talking classic romantic nostalgia,that's a pain or an ache for a time that you can't really recreate or relive.Nostalgia basicly is the conflict of feeling between the fond memories of the past and the sad reality that is unobtainable.Usually art,politics,desing,everything you want someone is going to tell you that it was an easier better time.The effect that bring nostalgia to life is called ambivalence,trying to hold on to two conflicting emotions at the same time.
But this doesn't mean that what we had was really better,it may just be an illusion caused by nostalgia.We love to think that the next generation might never know what great things we had,well every time  you hear a kid say something like "How did you play with this?It's bad" he might have a point.Just search on g…

A hate letter to my perfection

Blondes,brunettes,red heads,brown hair,I've been with all,but this...this goes for someone I might have the pleasure to hate one day.

I've played this game,well.Everyone is talking about how awesome it is.And so I started and tried to find people that were older,to listen them talk about women,relationships and see them at work.I had so many examples to chose from,so many to learn from.

When I first had my first girlfriend it was nothing special just a bad choice that I had to let go.I thought that it would be special but it never was.Then there were other tries,but failed some from cheating,some from boredom,some mistakes,others just weren't meant to work.

But this one,now she was special,because well she was my first in everything.And I know how this sounds,but it isn't just what you might think. She was the first that I really hated,because she was more or less like me,but she wanted adventure and sometimes just nothing but staying in bed. She taught me to open my e…

Back to the future...

Living for memories...

Someone said the some people live,others just exist.Well that might be true at some degree,but maybe that's just regrets and stupidity,so that you could just exist.But that's how everyone is,craving for social fame,social achivements like a college degree,a good job and a family. Not considering real happiness but monetary happiness.Being stable and able to do all sorts of things,but the most important is money and findings like a wife,since marriage is just an achivement not something sacred,carved in love.
Rule 34:
And since we try as much as possible to live and not just exist we forget our goal and sink,at the sort of level we just exist to try and live.That's one group,the other group are too busy living.Well,yes,you read it right. Those are the memories hoarders,hoarders are people that don't throw away the garbage and collect it instead,making piles of mess and stinky and infected stuff.Mermories hoarders are the type of people that live e…

Some bitter bits

We want to live and have everything, From earth to space where's just nothing, But we want it to be ours, As we put money and all the hours, That we have,to prove,well I don't know it, Might and power,may this be it?

The cult classics we may need,
But all we do is forget to read,
As passion and love we seek,
There's nothing in this world that makes us weak,
We search for careers,
But we forget all the cheers,
Of a life that we spend,
All in weekends.

We celabrate the free days,
In so many forgetful ways,
We take all the wars all alone,
And we're not affraid of a shattered bone,
But when it comes to passion,
We freak out of caution,
That maybe they can hurt us,
As we hurt the ones that loved us.

Maybe I'm stupid,who cares to tell me,
That doesn't mean someone can't like me,
Or you,but you have to forget,
So one that you might have no regret,
Because passion and love is what we need,
But in all the wrong places we start to seek,
Not just for them,but for eve…

Far Away,Ineffective,Lost

Failure,the tabu subject of society...

Mistakes,rejection...Well failure and ego.Depending on what your goal is,the impact of your rejection or mistakes might hurt less or more.As we want more from the ourselfs and even more to recieve from the world,because we think we deserve it,the truth is that we don't.And espacially in this time of the year where we wish for greater things,love,compasion,emapthy,this kind of topic becomes quickly tabu.
But also often are contradict with the image above,because there are two situations.First of them being you just didn't try hard enough or the second one which is the picture above.That's why sometimes we often don't deserve what we wish for.Being due to the fact that we lost our creativity or morale for one impotrant moment or we just aren't that good enough.But sometimes the system just works against everything you believe and stand for.Now that might be either bad or good,depending of the morals that you beliefs are.

I Killed Santa

It is said that curiosity killed the cat...Well I killed Santa,with my curiosity.
I was 5 or 6 years old, a very curious child like all children, always questioning things and the reality of them. I caught on the way the world works very fast, so you could imagine that in my wonder and awe I knew something was wrong for a fat guy to go all around the world to give children presents. And for some reason my younger brother followed me, in this childhood destroying path, well of course he had little to no idea what I was searching for. But often I consider myself a bit of an asshole for doing this, purposely trying to screw up or find unhappiness in my life. By doing all sorts of odd stuff, like just annoy people with seemingly stupid questions, but when you stay and think about them, you have no real answer to them. Or I do anything else but what people advise me to. But the second part it's mainly due to the fact that I disagree with their point that was made or arguments that were b…

Internet Folklore (I'm gonna do some internet,part three)

While yes,the internet has become some sort of a culture for every culture there is something strange

And because the internet made us unite our culture then even our folkore?Well yes...We now know more about the world and ourselfs and thus there are myths,creepy pastas and our own scary monsters:

Which brings me to my final question...Are we becoming a cultural singularity?

Well...maybe,but we will not know for now. But one thing that I am certain of is the fact that even though we got to be more distant of each other in real life,we merge towards a greater culture on the internet through music,videos,video games,pictures,rage comics and memes.And even the internet folklore.
(Part One)
(I know there is no mention of literature,but there will be one soon,it's a lot to cover) 

Youtube Interwebz vidz (I'm gonna do some Internet,part two)

And of course youtube makes us smarter,better and maybe makes us be more creative.But there are youtubers that make content just for entertainment which you also might call art. Because every popular entertaiment youtuber always had at least one or two viral videos,until they reached a status where everything they make goes to have about 3 million views on a constant base.Which proves us that youtube itself is a form of art,maybe? Well if the content of it's channel is made from hard work and not just capturing and making a voice over for a gameplay,yes. Now,it may be hard to play the game so that you get through it perfectly and help other that are having a hard time,but I was talking more about someone like pewdipie which is in my opinion just stupid.

And while videogames are now Art(well some of them) the internet also gave people interested in developing their own video games a great source of how to tutorials and places to learn programming etc. But the most important…

Interwebz (I'm gonna do some Internet,part one)

Ohh humor...

The internet is a fascinating place. We have access to all the information in the world and can contact anyone, anywhere at any time. But this post isn't about that,it's about the culture that we made as a whole.

And there is so much to cover.Because of that and because you won't read and I know that you won't read
I will make this a fun three part post with some videos from the great PBS Idea Channel on the subjects.
First of all for a culture to be considered a culture they need art and one of the first forms of art are memes?
There are many sources for this type of art and we all participate in a form or another.Even by making a comment or a simple meme. We often find the memes that we use every day more often in publicity from bilboards,news papers,TV and even back to the internet as an ad. And all these simply appear,with every year that pasts we get more and more people to creat more and more culture.

Another type of art is of course music which was …

The three words(L.L.E)

There are three words that define the cicle in which we are stuck...

The other night went outside when I had a shock,the moment I realized what I have become was just the world surrounding me.Dark,cold,in the middle of the clouds seeing nothing but what was around me hopping that it was worth it to be forgotten by every person I ever knew caught up in this worlds new beggining.The start was too early as going in to the new year broken but stronger looking for a lonely path for become something grater,something I never was.The beard covers up my face,my eyes hidden behind me hair,I became a closed abandoned castle,an 21 year old.
We tend to seek for acceptence of any kind,for approval that we are good,that we're doing well.Tying to find respect from others.Since we're born as a family and want to find our own new family to seek the place we belong and be loved.As we tend to be lonely just because the fear that other put in our hearts and live through accomplishments li…

Dreamer's Wish

The darkness is long,the silence is here,the sounds of wishes is stronger with every year.

What a sweet introduction for the darkest and coldest part of the year.Isn't it a bit odd how winter being cold and dark it makes people happy and awakens their dreams and hopes at least until January?We all dream of a better lifes for ourselfs and think what changes we could make starting with the new year eve. We share our dreams through out the internet,making the most out of the short time that is december.

As we are high on hopes and drunk on dreams,our hearts are at war to win a certain love in the cold winter sun.Because we lose so much every year,the hearts bleed with faith on the love we might find in the dark blinded by despair.In the end we hide from all the promises with every day that goes by.Which is odd considering the fact that we can't escape everything that we bring on ourselfs every december.

All this shows us that we're odd as humans,we sacrifice time,love,passion…

You're special

If God had a plan for you then why the fuck bother breathing,I mean he could totally save your ass right?
I don't even know where to start here.I can't keep it classy anymore because well the introduction I made,but let's play this fun game. Now...Why the fuck would god save just for you,one in 7 fucking billion a special fucking person?And he's special(you knowmentally retarded) because he must be fucking dumb to be your boyfriend!Besides why not help the ones in need?Not you a stupid teen or young woman.What makes you think that you're so damn special?You're nothing but a drama queen. Doesn't god have anything better to do?THERE ARE PEOPLE STARVING AND YOU THINK HE HAS SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOU?
Okay now that we cleared that let's get to the more classy part of this post.
All this things and needs are absolutly normal and are the side effect of bad parenting and lack of social and intelectual skills.Why?Well because when a child has a lack of attentio…

The Doctor of Things (Part Three)

A time lord victorious...

 We've got love,we got everything we need to make this a heaven,why are we trying so hard to make it hell?Why is it then we think that making a hell for someone isn't going to make a hell for you too?We made up the rules besides the one that are morally correct and a no brainer,why are we doing al this when we could change it in a matter of two months. It's like we're all a bunch of 7 year old that just made up a game with a very bad set of rules,even for us that made up the game and the rules. These are the question that start a war inside me that just makes me crazy. Buy because I can't just run away from all this,somewhere,I just stay here and write this listening to one great song:
So then should we give in to nothing a just be miserable or use this way insted:
So what does this three part post have in common with Waters on Mars? It has fear of everything from dying to making a choice and change the timeline to taking matters into your…

The Doctor Of Things (Part Two)

So is it?Should we?Why would we?

It's very hard to be more then you are supposed to be,a bag of meat filled with water,flash and bones that thinks he is evolved,educated and not an animal. We bearly know what we have in our,what,100 kilomaters around us?We can't name all the organs and bones in our body or really listen to it and forget that our bodies are smarter then we are. Now when it comes to being what everyone awaits you to be and not applying to the games,it is hard and just observing all the cruel people and the naivity of our dreams and everything we believe. Usually forgetting the fact that we can learn and expand our limitations since we don't know the real process power of our brain,so we do what a mental state is called and learn to know how to do only one thing through our lives. So when it comes to all this only limiting myself,I'm not a big fan. Think about it like this: they say that "you should think out of the box",well I have a problem wi…

The Doctor of Things (Part One)

Yeah it is that day...That special day of the doctor. Doctor Who?Exactly!

But it's not what we will really talk about,but more about what I think about one special episode and how I find myself in the same rather emotional situation(it would be fucked up and I wouldn't have writen this if I was a timelord). What episode? Waters on Mars.Why?Well because it's November 23rd and it's the day of the doctor. And I have some issues to talk about from previous posts.

If you read my previous posts you know that I tend to have an inner fight with myself between the good guy and the bad guy(cliche and yes I know cinemasins).So let's make this post darker...(no joke here)

Let's begin with the idea of is it worth it? One think that the doctor always reminded me was that always believe,but never have expectations about people,because often they are afraid and helpless. Which you're not,you might be a little bit stupid,but it's okay we all are stupid and there's n…

Fear and Death

Here's a fun debate.Is this guy a scumbag steve or isn't he?Or am I?
Why am I asking this?Well the debate goes like people in the comment section of this post are on two sides the first one saying that you should comfort a person that is on a death bed and have empathy.And there's my side thinking well,what if,she will be disappointed because there is nothing or because she'll end up in hell. I know I'm going to be hated for this but, while other think this,not many say it. And I know most of you read this but may I remind you: Life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is 100%. To get back to my point of view,yes you should have empathy because that person will die,but why do we need comfort when you're dying.What's gonna happen if you don't comfort yourself on the dying bed?Are you going to haunt and give your own family nightmares?Why would you even do that?

Someone commented and wrote this: "I'm atheist and I think this a…

Forever a question.(Part Four)

A questionable life...

Like I was talking until here,people forgot to question things. And don't really have a problem with the wrongs that are happening. And here is my dilema that I wanted to talk about,I always have this problem and this question in mind,how can people just give in the wrong?How can they not want to notice the wrong?Why aren't people looking for the awe of life,since every trivial thing became awesome like Louis C.K. said,"If you think this chicken nuggets are awesome what will you think about having sex?You're head must explode of awesomeness"(or something like that). I understand the enjoyment of small things,but taking them to a level they don't really represent them. And then there is the celebration of a normal achivement like working and doing your job properly,but isn't that your duty that you wanted?So why celebrate?What did you change in this world by doing your job,that you singed up for?
Still I do understand to need to &quo…

Forever a question.(Part Three)

Educational idiocracy:

To give you a good impresion of this kind of habit is very simple. Now here students and teachers from schools,high-schools and universities protest against their government for another 6% from the GDP(Gross domestic product). My question is why are they doing this?First of all the only teachers that are protesting are those that got into teaching in schools and high schools without a passing grade in their exams and thus they are poorly paid,so why pay more the ones that aren't qualified?.Second of all,todays teachers do not really give a shit about the students,there are very few and those that are old timers as teachers are "out dated" since everything they learned and knew has changed. So why pay more for teachers that either out dated,don't give a shit or aren't qualified?

Besides to that point,the teachers that are not paid enough like I said they are not qualified,out dated,do not give a shit or probably just stupid.I am saying this …

Forever a question.(Part two)

Being a hypocrite is something very common in today's world.

So like I was saying last time.How does this logic work?Wanting to be great and succesful in your line of work and get to the top ranks,but not having the actual power to change something about the wrongs that are being made?I am asking this because I know a lot of people that are thinking "I am going to be the best *insert job here* ". First of all being the best in a cirtain job from my point of view doesn't mean just knowing all there is to know,but also reinventing and revolutionize the world with your ideas(example Bill Gates;he donates 4 billion dollars every year for charity and actually hepls the world).But most of human kind thinks only for themselfs not for the greter good of all people.So what's the point again in being the best when you actually get to be the worst?

Okay to my next point: Idiocracy.

I can't help but notice with all the world in one place and through social media that bes…

Forever a question.(Part One)

There is that inner struggle and fight we have go through with every step,until they become a habit and everything becomes natural. And than there's me...

I see people adjusting to different types of situation without any kind of question or doubt in their mind,they accept it very fast,the consequences are not really important as they should be. But I'm not so sure about the procentage of thought used in the process,due to the fact that it might just be something like a deja-vu,where the brain being in some known situatians is well,there's a,then b...that means that next is c. Which will result into a sponatneous or rather instinc based process,where the consequences don't really matter and the thought comes right or long after the action is done. Well while this sort of actions and sparks many times helped us,I am not that sure about the fact that might apply today when it comes to the big picture.
(Yeah...that kind of picture)

Why am I saying this?Well because acting…