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One way

Wanna see a mad man cry?Watch him laugh as his eyes are empty,watch him fight as his fists have no real punch,watch him live even though he's dead inside.

Once woken up a man stood still,he knew that the world would love to rob him of his personality,his enjoiment in life.He never let himself down as others dissapointed him time and time and as life gave him nothing but terror,fear and few to work with on his own. As others rise from the bodies they left behind and some bodies wake up and kill for themselfs. Down and dead the man stood for years as with every time he has risen no one understood his word. He only mumbled the word brains,the one thing that might have saved those around him and maybe make them understand of the danger. Bound to stop from screaming his word as he was left with no voice,he returned to the damned and shut himself laughing and smiling,observing the world's end,waiting with hope that one day he will regain his voice or maybe that someone will listen c…