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Motivational Speaker A Top 25

Okay this is a rant, man I didn't do a rant in a long time. But anyway for those new to my rants it works like this usually I pick a topic and start mocking the certain thing I think is idiotic or just plain stupid. I try to do it in a funny way, even though I fail or you just don't get the humor you nimrods. So let's get to it since this is one of my favorite things to pick on facebook and well everywhere I find one on the internet.

Motivational quotes or pictures:

Like this one:

"Yeah, I mean you didn't die this morning, so you failed at dying, which disappointed many of us. But you keep trying and if sleep doesn't help you. Try to get a hang of it all."

So let's me pick some more and try to have fun with them.

Yeah man can wait to see how you're gonna tell your sun that he's proof that you tried. And failed to pull out in time.

Heh, that one was mean...


First of all you should kill the fucker that's chocking you or you should ge…

Why we lie

Today I found out why we lie, not just in general, but to ourselves too. It's so that we can cope with the reality we live in. We lie so that we maintain hope when there is none. So that we keep ourselves together in though times, to keep out fears away and out life going on no matter what happens. Even if it means we lose touch with reality just to keep a small thread of hope floating in the air with us holding it and tugging on it until it rips and we crash land on truth and in reality. In the darkest night, in the blackest hour a lie is our savior, being it God, heaven, rebirth, or a last minute cure or miracle. Nothing can beat a good lie, reality can never get up to par to a good lie, not even in realities true and ugly form. Because whenever we get hit by reality we create an ever bigger lie, even if it doesn't make any sense what so ever. A lie can save a marriage, it can save a relationship or a life. We play on guitars with broken strings just to keep the lie going an…

Gamergate FemiNazi

Okay here's a "problem" I find quite often online. Women being objectified in games, there's sexism in gaming, games are only made for boys and men. NOT TRUE! There are plenty of games for women/girls. There are plenty of games that let you chose your gender and don't force sexism or objectify anything. Sure there are more mainstream games for guys, sure some women look rather sexist in them or have sexist male ideologies in their traits. But let's not forget that it's gaming we're talking about, it's art and a hobby, so there's no point in this whole debate about games are for sexist pigs or are made by sexist pigs. Here's the thing sex sales, but I haven't seen one good game lately where the man protagonist is sexist in any way. I mean grow some balls, women, if games were truly sexist the woman in them wouldn't have guns or swords or powers, they would be beat up by the protagonist. Want to make the point that the armor and look…

A Misery's Romance: Chapter V: Grasping Tall

So after he told me briefly what happened and why all the weird behavior, i knew that this evening will be a long one. He started explaining how it all started, he knew very well that I was interested in his story and how it came to be. So he started telling the story...

Well remember a few months ago when I was asked to stay behind after the whole group left? She asked me if I wanted to participate in the Local English Tests and if I would pass them I would go to the national level. Well that's how it all actually started, after I agreed she asked me if I didn't want some more tutoring. So after a couple of times studying in school, at a point we started joking and talking, for me it was nothing special, plus the fact that I knew most of the things she was teaching me. So she gave me her email and IM address in case I had questions about the tests she gave me to do extra for the Local English Test. I put it in my wallet and didn't even remember having it or thinking of us…

The Trifecta

I don't know how to really start this post, it's not because I didn't write for a long time, but because of the subject that can be interpreted in a very wrong way. So I'll just start this...

Obviously social media is a big part of our life, and even a necessary one if you're using it the right way. Of course many people don't, but I'll leave that for another time, right now I want to focus on other things, things that are a routine already and we're too familiar with. And I think that may be a bad thing. So let's split this post in two categories or subjects, since there are many things to grasp and talk about.

Well the first subject is IGNORANCE: Like I wrote above social media is great and necessary if you know how to use it right, from marketing to learning and to news. But to be honest people are ignorant, and many times because they have "friends" or "follow" people with the same taste and opinion as their own. From what I&…

I Envy

We all envy, more or less. Not everyone's admitting to it, but we all do it.

Even I envy, but I would never envy people that are truly intelligent and exceptional or gifted and talented or people that work honestly to get to their dream. I could never envy those type of people, if I would, I would probably hate myself for it. And even so why would I envy them? For being gifted, intelligent, beautiful, talented or hard working. Somewhere or somehow they were lucky enough that their genetic code developed a great person and I can't envy that, because all I want to do is cheer them on. But like I said, I do envy, because I'm no exception to the rule. And how can I not envy? How can I not be angry? But you surely ask yourself who is it that I'm envious about? Well, you see, I envy the stupid, I envy the ignorant, seeing them smile with no problems at all, doing whatever they are told. I envy them for not asking questions and annoying everyone, I envy the fact that they don…

A Misery's Romance: Chapter IV: Impossible Love

It was Christmas morning, for others afternoon already, and I had no idea on what to do that day. But being lazy didn't help very much since I decided to stay home instead of going with my friends, and the reason wasn't something beautiful like wanting to spend more time with my parents. So I spent Christmas eve doing nothing but playing on the PC, writing lyrics and being overall bored, inspired in writing lyrics but bored. I didn't really have any real hobbies, besides the fact the I was still going to the rugby team, I was in for a year and a half now, three times a week. In rest writing lyrics and casual gaming were then only two things that I would do in the spear time and in summer also football(not american football, real football). The next day we went and met with the whole family at my grandmothers apartment. It's always boring, annoying and the subjects that they always discussed were so useless and clueless it was a pain to listen to them, but luckily I had…

A Misery's Romance: Chapter III: A Sudden Break Up

After all that drama, the next two weeks were only midterms and tests so we couldn't really go out like we used to, be our group would talk through messengers on the internet and games like CS. We were good students, since the teachers put us upfront to answer questions and solving problems during classes after we got the stamp of being the high school alcoholics. But at home we would stay with our notebooks and books in front of us for 2-3 hours doing nothing and then playing on the PC, like every other good student. So even though we couldn't go out, we always kept in touch outside of school. But in those two weeks Paul and Sam tried to convince me to start smoking, of course I always said no, since I didn't see the point of smoking and wasting my money. But it was fun for them to keep trying and teasing me into smoking. But me smoking? That never happened. The midterms passed, but Sam and I didn't pass the math midterm and where left failing math for the first seme…

WeekNet Review: Gap of Frozen Wedding

Last week there was no WeekNet review, because there were only a few truly great videos, but now let's wrap up the last two weeks.

On the blog we started a new story, it's truly nothing like I wrote as a story on this blog. It's more detailed, there is conflict and there's character development. And every chapter is a long read and not just a short story with a moral or the freedom of interpretation like the others. The idea of this story was sudden and working on it is great, there are challenges for me as a writer and there are challenges for the characters in the story. Even though it's based on people I know, because they are interesting people, the story is something I came up. This is still the beginning, the story only starts now.

So let's get a kick out of this with the most viral video this week, with this guy that got over 16 million views in 3 days.

W.T.F.News Week in Review: China went...well full retard, by arresting 20 people for writing fanfics. …

A Misery's Romance: Chapter II: A High School Drama

Paul was always popular with girls, not unlike me who wasn't really interested in getting a girlfriend. So outside the group we were going on double dates at least 3 times a week with different girls. He changed girlfriends like socks, he wasn't really interested in them.  The girls were usually cute, but they weren't anything special, just the usual high school girls, so they weren't really good anyway, but anyway what he did was an asshole move. I felt like we went on test drives, trying to find something that was good, but everything was the same. We laughed, we talked, but in the end there was nothing there, so after the dates we were disappointed. So I told him that he should stop doing this or it would come back around on him and he will suffer. Since the girls really liked him or us both, but he usually laughed it off. So after many double dates we went to a double date with two girls that were classmates, he hit it off with one of them since she was madly into …

A 2 for 1 Special Rant

One random day you were born in this beautiful world and someone told you that day is special. Well they lied it's a Tuesday. Besides ladies, stop lying, you aren't 21 anymore you are 32. And saying that you are 32 years young just makes you look like an insecure, afraid to die alone bitch. And another think, those 300 facebook friends that just wrote on your wall "happy birthday" don't even give a shit, their only intention is to make you write them back on their birthday. Thanking some assholes that are your "friends" because they took 2 fucking seconds to write happy birthday, just makes you look like a pretentious self-absorbed asshole, so don't bother doing shit like that when no one even cares. If you think that you're so special that you have to party 3 days and nights in a row, you are either delusional or suicidal but both in denial. No one in their right mind things that they should celebrate that much, even the Kim Jong-Un doesn…

A Misery's Romance: Chapter I: Once Upon A Dream

A new beginning at the next stage, the high school. I'm curious to see what kind of new class mates we will have this year. There are already a bunch of different types of people, I told Paul. Paul responded saying, well you are right, look at the short guy with that giant black t-shirt that gets to his knees, he's kind of weird, it's like his a quiet punk rocker. We started looking at the crowed that formed at the entrance of the high school, while we were waiting to get in our new classroom and found some familiar faces that we knew from our old school and even met with two teachers that transferred to this high school. In our class we knew no one, it was weird being just me and Paul and then a small group that were in the same class at this school that already knew each other and the rest were just unknowns.

After sitting ourselves where we wanted, of course Paul and I sat at the same desk since we knew no one. We were 31 from which there were only 6 girls. So you could…

A Misery's Romance: Introduction

Hi, I'm Ron, 16 year old about to go to my new high school together with my best friend since the first grade Paul. And this is a different kind of story you would expect from a bunch of high school guys. Well there might be cliches here and there, but hey, you can't live life without a cliche or two.

Notes from the Author(me the blogger that writes this):
I hope you enjoy this story this is the reason I didn't really post anything good besides the WeekNet reviews and the 100th post. This is a light read, it's something to do in the weekends or when you want something new. Once I got the idea, the Chapters and the development of this story went like crazy, but writing a story of a bigger scale then usual for a blog is tougher so I had to take my time, edit, revisit the first chapters, add events, change details, come up with the names to fit their character. And make it quite the unique story for you guys to enjoy reading. Right now there are planned over 25 chapters f…

WeekNet Review: The Expert Hero Paradise

It's another WeekNet Review, it's a long Weeknet Review.

This week on the blog we had the 100th Post YAY and a Top ten that will be followed by other 3 Top Tens. Sounds confusing it isn't. Let's get started...

Last time we had a total animal infection on our viral videos from the trailer for Teeanage Mutant Ninja Turtles to the Bane Cat. So to follow it up we have this master piece from The Fine Bros.

In other W.T.F.News this week 'Murica decided that it's okay to give money to every politician if you can, why? Because fuck the poor. With that said I'm a big fan of winter I prefer it over Summer, Spring or Autumn. So here's my favorite snowmen ever. It's called the Albino Snowmen:
Now that we got you in the weird section let's go to definition of The Site That We Must Not Name That Has Chan in his name and what devianart is all about.

Going back to W.T.F.News Week Review Germany compares Russia's overtaking of Crimea with Hitlers actions.