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Chapter Five: Limits

What are out limits and where should we stop?

We've started from the bottom, now we're here (stupid joke, stupid). But my question is, where are our limits? We've outdone ourselves many times, and we will continue to outdo it many times from here on now. But in the heat that we live in now, we are very competitive and very vicious. Always trying go beyond what we can and can do. In process we fail, pick ourselves up and learn. But the problem is that in all the effort and fights we have, everything we do might be counterproductive to our evolution. And might get us stuck in this downwards spiral we entered.

We try to free ourselves of limits. but we pay a bigger price then we need to do it. And our morals are crushed because we didn't set limits for ourselves and those that we put in charge to represent and lead us. Instead they have limitless power to be bought and do whatever it's necessary for their wealth and well being. And every time we care we limit or limit…

W.T.F.News: Angry Birds, but no Angry Humans...Interesting

First News:
Oh sweet freedom and USA and pew pew pew and pride. So after the whole NSA spying on the whole world even the World Of Warcraft, now it spies on people through apps on your smartphone. Well through GPS apps and Google maps, duh, but the incredible W.T.F.News is that they spy on people through Angry Birds and other games. Holy fuck. Here's the article: nsa angry birds article. More news about this problem, the Rovio site was hacked:

Second News:
Billionaire puts ransom on his daughter sexuality. So a Chinese billionaire a few years ago released a statement saying: "If there's a guy that can turn my daughter straight, I will pay him 65 million dollars". Over twenty thousand guys tried...and failed. The daughter is already married for over nine years now to his girlfriend. But a week ago his father came out again saying he will double the amount of money for a guy to marry and turn straight his daughter. Which is …

A Picture (Caution it's a rant and if you can't handle it, do not read it)

It was always said that a picture can express thousands of words, until today.

Literally, you assholes took everything that was beautiful about capturing a moment and turned it in shit. I think I saw every fucking angle on your faces and bodies, I mean you can brag and shit, but you over do it people. You cry that you don't have privacy when you give away your fucking location willingly with every store you pass by or place you drink or eat. And take pictures every five fucking minutes, we went on the moon and only took five fucking pictures and you douches go to the bathroom in a mall and take thirty seven.

Pictures were supposed to capture once in a life time events or reunions, or breath taking moments when you feel the pain, or joy just by looking at the picture and not knowing the context; you could understand it and know what's about. But the only things I get out of today's pictures are: attention whore, stupid bitch, giant douche, that's not how you're supp…


Here's the new section I promised in the update. So let's get down to some news.

First up:
Justin Bieber forced out of US. People signed a petition that got over 125k signatures, which means the White House, ironically named (i wanted to make this joke so badly since 2008), is forced to take it in consideration and ship him back to Canada. Poor Canada, good thing they won't force him in Europe.
For a more humor filled take on it go here: article the white house will be forced to end it's silence

Second News:
Bayer (not the football teams, but the pharmacy company), have developed a drug that works efficiently against cancer. Huray...No huray. Because the treatment costs over 69 thousand dollars a year and no where on a normal salary, even middle class, you can't afford that kind of over priced therapy. Well the price isn't really important, because I understand that they have to try and make a profit after many many many years of trial and failure. The real probl…

News and New

This will be an introduction to all those new readers and plus the updates for this blog.

This blog is basically an opinionated and questionable one. So everything that is written here is an idea that is based on facts and reality. Trying to spark doubt or any thought or feeling. The comments and suggestions are encouraged as long as there is an argument to be made.

So let's break the blog into sections:

Opinionated and questionable post : Are posts that give an opinion and argument about what happened or what I think it's wrong now or for a time now. And you must keep an open mind when it comes to them.

The stories: Stories are posts written to do what every story is supposed to do, wake up some emotions in a somewhat artistic way.

The Rants: Are posts that use basic hurtful slurs, backed up by arguments. They also have sarcasm, irony and are taken to extremes, for the lesson or idea it's supposed to transmit.

And new starting this week:
W.T.F.News: Daily posts that show w…


"- I feel held down by fear, after few wins and many loses, it's painful too imagine what joy actually could feel like. I'm a bit too young to not experience anything new, I'm a bit too wise not to try and move mountains.
Being brave means to jump and make the leap you want, but what are the chances? That everything is what you want? I know this sounds stupid, lack of balls to someone that has nothing to lose. My fear is that I get to relive the pain that is well to known to me. I've been shamed, talked down to, fought, blamed, cheated on so many times. Just the idea frightens the hell out of me, growing isn't a problem, but disappointment is. And you're going to disappoint people, because you're supposed to be yourself not what others want. But when it's the ones you love it hurts, they might never think how you think, never like what you like. That thought and the reaction you see on your families face when you did something they don't ap…

A bloggers rant

OH dear Google, you really went full evil, didn't you?

Google the site that enslaved human kind, you genius bastards. You are the biggest search engine, biggest video and entertaining platform and you love fucking with those that love you. Since you surprised the world in 2006 by buying, grew bigger and stronger. You helped to revolutionize the internet and especially the video entertainment, you gave chances to those in need, those small but good enough to do what they love. In 2009 you launched Android and entered the smartphone business, which grew so big it outshines every OS there is for smartphones. A year later you launched Google +, a new social media platform which was too damn hard to understand for any human kind. In those years you also bought and raised, this...Blogger. A new way for people to write and express their thoughts and helped talented writers and photographers, painters and artists to show case their talents.

But you wanted change in the last th…


So you think you know what it means to be mad, to be out of the ordinary? Well then let me contradict you.

"-You think small risks and taking silly photos means you're mad? Or special in any way? No...No you're not. You're nothing but some pathetic boy or girl with a smartphone and a silly pose somewhere in the middle of a random city. You think that, that's madness? You clueless, clueless bastard. Until you've seen what I've seen, you have no idea what being even crazy even means. Making all these grave words seem so ordinary, so cliche. Want to know something? It's because of your stupid little games, and all this bad acting of what you call your social life, filled with, butterflies and dreams and freedom. But, you are imprisoned in an illusion of choice, you pitiful being,  in a life you hate so much. So that the simple idea of madness makes you think you're free and that you have power and all the "normal" things, you'd hope to h…

Chapter Four: Temptation.

Curiosity is tempting us in doing or at least thinking things that aren't really in our comfort zone.

Temptation, the spark that curiosity drives you towards, our lives have a general story line for most of us, even though we're different individuals. Which means we tend to use curiosity to tempt us into spicing up our lives at different times and periods. We play with fire until we burn our skin, and sometimes we become masochists and love the feeling of burning our skins on things that aren't really right for us. Because it is liberating and it might bring up another side of our lives to surface. So after this nice introduction let's talk a bit more about impulsiveness.
As human being we always were impulsive and tried to discover new feelings, new tastes, new highs. So when we're talking about these two things, temptation and curiosity, there is always that impulse that gives us the courage to do whatever it is we desire. Which is always good, except when it'…

Up to date

Tonight chapter four will be up, so stay tuned for that.

The Chapters will be expended to fifteen because it's more to talk and question in this world. Of course This kind of posts will go one but not as chapters but individual posts.

The rest of the chapters will be released on this dates:

Chapter Four: Temptation - 25.01Chapter Five: Limits - 31.01Chapter Six: Fair(ness) - 7.02Chapter Seven: Questionable questing of questions - 14.02Chapter Eight:  Rationality - 21.02Chapter Nine: Knowledge -28.02Chapter Ten: Warriors - 5.03Chapter Eleven: Progress - 12.03Chapter Twelve:  Technological Togetherness - 19.03Chapter Thirteen: Socially Challenged -26.03Chapter Fourteen: Intelligence - 2.04Chapter Fifteen: A solution - 9.04 Two stories in the upcoming days:

Madness - 26.01Nobody - 28.01 And probably a rant or two also. Thanks for reading and meanwhile don't forget to revisit and read older posts. Also enjoy the video that comes with the update...


Okay, I've said that I don't want to repeat myself, but damn I can't.

Okay, look I'm just going to say a few words and let you with a nice documentary that will blow your fucking heads. So clear about 45 minutes of your day and enjoy this rant.

So once upon a time there was a cunt, his name was Headinass. He was very stubborn and oh so gullible, it didn't matter if you had facts and proof. Mr. Headinass refused to think or accept anything but what he believed is true. So after many years of screaming like a douche and saying bullshit people got enough of him, and stapled his mouth. And the world went happily ever after without ever hearing again from Mr. Headinass.

The End.

Four Dimensions

We're totally fucked.

The story is that some guys invented the four dimensional printer. Yes, you read that right, Science World had a recent article which said that some science guys invented a printer that prints a fourth dimension. WTF?! Let me get this straight you want to tell me that the top scientists that work in Geneva that tried to redo the big bang and failed, are worst scientists than some random dudes that somehow brought a fourth dimension to a three dimension world? This starts to sound like an odd Ed, Edd and Eddy episode or even a weird Dexter's laboratory episode. 
My other question is...How the fuck didn't the whole universe just explode? I mean, time travel isn't really possible and even if it was, the universe would explode. But why didn't explode already from another dimension in a 3 dimension reality. Well, it might be true that our eyes could be limited and maybe we can't see the fourth dimension. But, if there is no forth dimension in o…

Important Question

I have a question. Actually many questions.

Number one: Why is it so hard to think?

When it comes to priorities, social interaction, self image, we all thrive beyond limits. But what about the rest? Why is it so hard to think and be informed?

Number two: When it is enough?

Sure we have thoughts, ideas, careers. But what about privacy? What about having a better option then the ones provided? When is it enough for us to do something?

Number three: Why are we not changing?

We have the same educational system for over ten thousand year, why aren't we adapting it to what we have today? We have the same broken system for hundreds of years, which clearly doesn't work. Why aren't we changing it?

Number four: Why are we afraid?

There's nothing that can harm us, there is nothing that we can't do. So why are we afraid from a handful of people? Why don't we take what's rightfully ours?

Number five: When will we remember?

Remember what democracy means? It means power o…

Chapter Three: Double Standard Doubt

This post will have example and why I think they are wrong, so take them with a grain of salt.

So let's explain what double standards are. A double standard is when you treat the same situation with different sides of a coin, if it's a wealthy, poor, black, white, yellow or whatever the color or social position, man, woman or child.. Meaning that you wronged one person.
This picture is the first example of double standards. There should be no boundaries or there should be no jokes or humor at all. So if you poke and make fun of someone don't be surprised and don't over react when the joke's on you. That applies to criticism, insults and hitting. But first let me get something clear, if you're a girl hits guys just because she can, she shouldn't be surpriesed if one hits back. Now I don't condone this kind of behaviour, but there should be a limit and besides, we're equals, so if you can give you can also recieve punches. This is a constant problem i…

W.T.F.News Special: Do not text on Valentine's Day

I can't believe they could do this.

All the phone networks companies around the world have stated that for Valentine's Day costumers will pay additionally for text messages that will include the words: "Happy", "Valentine's", "Love", "Dear", "Sweetheart" and many more. A normal text message like: "Happy Valentine's Day My Love" will cost about 3 dollars. That goes for absolutely every country and of course in their own language. Also the companies stated that even abbreviations like I<3U, Eye |_0v3 U, will cost the same amount as the other words.This is the best and fastest money grab I've ever read of. I mean what the fuck? Some of these fuckers are either geniuses or asshole, because people will send messages like those. But, see there must be a limit to this shit.

Well, fuck...This was a special news for Valentine's day, I hope you send many "Love" messages to your network provider.

Saddest thing ever

(Note: Do not forget later today chapter three will be released,but until then let's smile) Why clapping/applauding is the saddest thing ever.
Let's start with the act of high-five. High five is a act of smashing your hand with someone's other hand, in celebration of an effort completed as a couple.(<---- Please, do click on those words) So as a matter of fact a high five could be a total random thing or a celebration and it is always fun. Well, not really always, because there are wrong times to use the high five or down low.  Like these ones: Demanding a high five from a person that's chokingTrying to high five someone that just got dumped/divorced.Doing this: When a doctor fails a surgery At a funeral, well unless you're a villain and the one in the coffin is your archenemy 
Now, what is clapping/applauding? It's a series of self high fives, fast or slow paced, for others people achievements that you had nothing or little to do with. Just like the high five …

A night's tale

Some nights are just for dreaming,others are for being awake.
One night long ago I asked myself "So I am here, where to next?". I just stood there and dreamed as the cold of the weatherembraced me, but the warmth of my dream made me feel everything, but the icy weather. As the music goes on with my thoughts and the mind starts elaborating scenarios of "what if I" have the courage to run away and change everything, what if I never have made that mistake. The only question I have in mind is "why?". The truth maybe is ,this isn't the time and maybe I'm not ready, so even the fact that I have a romantic view or a great moral, maybe I'm just kidding myself.

There is a moment when I'm blocked in my own mind, without solutions or questions. Staying quite awake on my bed, I try to put myself to sleep, dream of a better place, trying to get back on my own feet, refilling myself with another hope or dream, looking for places to go, where to be, with w…

How Marijuana Can Kill You

Marijuana is legalized faster and faster through out the world and of course people are dying for it.
How do people die from marijuana?

Well you could die because of marijuana if a even a 10 kilogram bag falls on your head. It might crush your head and kill you.Making a ball of marijuana and trying to eat it and choke on it.You stumble upon a serial killer named MarijuanaGetting hit by a drunk that delivers marijuanaSlipping on a marijuana baggie on ice down a block breaking everything that is bone in your body.Running to pick up your prescription for marijuana and fall down a drain Stuck marijuana in your ears(this won't kill you)Inject marijuana in your veinsSmoke 5143 bowls of marijuana under 15 minutes(it's impossible,try it)Replace your marijuana with shotgun shellsDo what Cartman did on south park.(it won't kill you,but you'll have a great story)Put marijuana in your nose and push it deep with the shotgun by pushing the trigger (shotgun must be loaded or otherwise…

How to win an argument on the internet

I am proud to present a new segment on this blog. Just like Top Ten post and the You're special post there will be two or three times a week, rant post in between the more idea filled and opinionated posts.Of course they will be shorter, filthier, dirty minded and not for every one. So please enjoy.

How to win an argument on the internet in ten easy steps.

Step number one
Never accept criticism and if you see that you're losing the argument tell him you fucked his sister or mother.

Step number two
If someone comes with an idea you were to "busy" to think of, and you want to discredit him. Intimidate him by tell him that his a well mannered man with good taste in fashion and liking into penises that will surely discourage him.

Step number three
Always tell the stranger you're arguing with that you actually know him,even though you have no idea who he is. And that he's just like those sony or apple(but come on apple people are pretty stupid) people.

Step number…

Chapter Two Social Priorities

We priorities our work,life,ideas and morals.But we get lazy and never start adding to our beliefs.
Sometimes we get in our comfort zone and remain there, for our own pleasure, but as time may pass by people change and so does the world, and you might be left behind. So when we get out of that comfort zone we go often unprepared of what's to come, we learn as time passes by until we find our definitive comfort zone.
Now let's define the definitive comfort zone. Well we know that this is the definition of the comfort zone: The comfort zone is a behavioral state within which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of behaviors to deliver a steady level of performance, usually without a sense of risk.[1] A person's personality can be described by his or her comfort zones. A comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security. Like inerti…

Top 10 Of Top 10

This are the Top tens we couldn't live without:
Number 10

A top ten about out outrageous thing some "celebrities" did,because we can't live our pathetic lives without knowing what a "celebrity" ate,did,smoked,said.

Number 9

Top ten signs that your significant other is cheating on you. Because how would we know otherwise that our partner is cheating on us?

Number 8

Top ten ways to lose weight. If it worked for the editor it might just work for you,because you're the same type of body with the same type of mechanism.

Number 7

Top ten things you should know before getting into a surgery.What does a life time of work compare to when it comes to the experience of one single person when it comes to procedures.

Number 6

Top ten things that a religious figure said and you should live by. Because sometimes wrong is right and whatwas more then 2000 years still applies today.

Number 5

A great top ten about how to make someone like you. It's the best thing to do othe…