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W.T.F.News with a quick important Update: Common Sense: "No, Don't do that"..."Nope I did it"..."Fuck you"

Update: Instead of the Rant and Chapter, there will be a special story. Since here the first day of March we celebrate women. So look ahead for that on the first of March and the Oscar W.T.F.News Special with mini rants.

First News Story:
The first "Don't do that". Armed man seize the parliament HQ from Crimea with guns and raised the Russian flag. You stupid motherfuckers. This is bad, real bad. US pressured Russia not to be involved in Ukraine, and now they do this shit. This isn't good. There will be a very very shitty thing to do.

Second News Story:
Second "Don't do that you fuck." After the last week with deaths in the Venezuelan riot against the president and government they are very likely to take the Cuban route. This article will make more sense than you think, if you know a little something about Cuba's history. And the second one will let you see what th…

W.T.F.News: Oh Snap, Well...umm...Fuck

First News Story:
Ay! Mate, we never really wrote abut Australia. But this is big, besides being deadly they are corrupt. Of course not everyone but some. How did this happen? Well the federal police started investigating and they found something shocking in last years elections. Something like letting many fuckers vote more than once. For example a guy voted 15 times, yes 15 times. The article has much more details and it's a joy to read.

Second News Story:
China, I have a question, how the fuck do you still breathe? We know that China has problems with polution and regulating it. And restoring the atmosphere, because it is unbearable to breath without a mask on your face.But a study showed that the air pollution in China is at a nuclear winter level. So if you want to relive the game series FallOut or know how it all began, this is prett…

A Ghost

I'm a dependent ghost...

I always thought that I'm some more, something that the world doesn't understand or comprehend. I've always stood and watched, life, people, nature, take it course and watch them flout away on a river that never moves, you could call it the longest lake in existence. I've seen so much tragedy, so much pain, and yet still want to believe in what's right in this world. Still want to change the wrongs of people, even though no one listens to me. It's hopeless, but that's me a hopeless romantic, I'm stupid for believing or even trying. I want to give the world a hand of hope, an alternative to everything that is wrong and yet I can't even bring myself to stand up straight in the morning and change the way I live. I want so much more from the world to be and to reach it's true potential and thinking that I might get a response from a few, to wake up a feeling in them, or a thought. What am I thinking? Why am I doing this?…

New Fast Update

Week In review:
We had news all week about the problems in the world and we managed to get some attention and bring some problems to the attention of the unknowing public.

This Weeks Program:
The daily Monday through Friday W.T.F.News with the Good Idea, Bad Idea section at the end. We will have a special M.T.F.News because the Oscars are near so stay tuned for that.

The Rants are back this week with a rant on the 25th.

The New Chapter, Chapter Seven: Questionable questioning of questions on the 27th.

And a Story on the 29th.

Hope you enjoy the blog, suggestions are always welcomed. And I couldn't let you guys without the weekly update viral videos of the week.

Introduction to the Blog

This is an introduction to all the new readers to the blog explaining everything so that you won't feel like everything here is random an unorganized.

Let me introduce you to this blog and explain what it is about. Basically is a blog with opinionated and questionable writing. So everything that is written here is facts and reality, well not everything.* It's an unique point of view on what's happening and an interesting way to question things sometimes. Trying to spark the doubt in people and even myself the writer. Learning new things and developing along the way. Comments and suggestions are welcomed as long as there is a good argument behind it and you have an opened mind when it comes to every subject.

This blog consists of:

Opinionated and questionable posts: Those are the chapters and posts like: A Message, Important Question, Nostalgia, and so on. These types of posts are give an opinion and an argument to what I might think it's wrong or we forget about alon…

W.T.F.News: We Riot, We Fight, We Want Freedom Breaking News

First Story:
New highly radioactive leak at Japan's Fukushima Plant, after dozens died of radioactive contamination, there is again activity in that area. With the Japanese government denying it's existence.

The most important stories:
Protests are spreading throughout the whole world. Turkey started protesting against the already approve law that regulates the internet and can spy on what they do and say. Now Bosnia is again out in the street protesting against the government and the corruption.

Now protest started in Venezuela they want the freedom of speech back and of course the same rights as any humans. There were violent outbursts since it began in 12th of February and now it resulted with the president in custody like I reported yesterday.

Next is Thailand that fights against corruption. Due to the …

W.T.F.News: Anarchy Everywhere Total Chaos

First Story:
Ukraine...Ukraine...Ukraine. The Ukrainian army is give power to shot at will towards civilians, civilians take over 1500 guns and rifles to fight back. Ukraine declares the protesters terrorists, USA gets involved saying that the Ukrainian government is at fault for this. The president says that he will make peace with the opposition and come to terms everyone agrees on, but then he changes his mind. (This is Game of Thrones with rifles and no dragons.)
First article:
They crisis explained in 60 seconds:

Second Story:
I've told you that UK went full retard taking the power of the press and controlling what they can and cannot write and report about. Last time there was a video and a nice article saying the exact same thing, I was saying. Now, UK court gives the OK to detain Glen Greenwald partner, David Miranda, after they arrested two days ag…

W.T.F.News People Take Back

First Story:
New documents revealed on the NSA and UK spying on people.

Second Story:
Egypt suicide bomber threatens and gives deadline to tourists to leave to country until 20th of this month. Or they will suffer, if they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Third Story:
Venezuelan opposition leader surrenders and gives himself up to the police.
This will explain everything:

Most Important Story of the Day:
The riots in Ukraine take a very ugly turn after the police and military attack the main place where the rioters are. Using grenades and firing shots killing dozens of people. Please share and support real freedom and the people that fight and die for …


It's good to be back on the blog.

First Story:
Bishop does what bishop do. This is pretty common in today's religion, especially the christian ones, a bishop in Germany spends 40 million euros on his "headquarters"( very dark inappropriate joke). And over 350.000 euros on his wardrobe. This is outrageous since the money is charity money, they were donated. But this is a problem and it's everywhere. Priests, bishops, spending money on castles, because those are not houses what they have, cars. This is why people want churches to be taxed by the stated and constantly verified.

Second Story:
Romanian world wide known movie director Marius Cernea is pushing a law to give dolphins, yes dolphins, the same rights as we human have. I don't know how to feel about this. On the one side this is a big problem in Asia and Pacific Ocean. On the other hand …

Up to the Date, Week in Review and The Program

It's time for the weekly update.
Week in Review: This past week was the week of love. And as such we had some truly heartbreaking stories and a great follow up to Love Misconception called Love me, Love me, Love me, Fuck You. I saw that you enjoy them very much, I did too writing them.
New Updates: On the W.T.F.News there will be a very short new section called Good Idea, Bad Idea at the end of the posts, for comic relief. There will be a post at the end of the fifteen chapters, including them. But they chapters will be longer, explained more detailed, and with five bonus chapters that won't be released until fall. 
This Weeks Program: The W.T.F.News will be back, each day, every day. And the rest of the stories and chapters will be put on hold for this week. 
For more details throughout the week you can like our Facebook page, or follow me on twitter.
And there are two viral videos this week, one is a video that has it's second viral spin. And the other has Samuel Mother Fuc…

Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, Fuck You

A while ago I talked about love misconception and where not to look for it.

I see problems and frustration about people like and talk to a person they wan to be with. I see them failing at starting the relationships and giving them up, which might be the right thing to do. Because you should never try to convince someone of who you are and what do you believe in. People cry over the friendzone, even though it wouldn't work out how you imagined it to work. Nothing does, nothing will work with that kind of precision when it comes to relationships. Still we fight our way through flirts, we prize ourselves to impress someone that will hurt us in the long run. We take risks for believing and giving our love to those that are not worthy of it and cry even more after it ends.

We fight for love without tears and dreams that make us feel alive. The loneliness makes us vulnerable and naive so we crave and search and search. We are jealous and afraid of losing what we have through time and t…

A Response From the Black Roses

Dear Christian,

I'm writing this letter with the sad news that my husband and I won't be able to be present at your wedding next month. But I want to tell you how proud I am to read that your luck finally has turned around, and found you someone to share your life with. You didn't have to apologize, we were both young, and we didn't know how to express our feelings. And did not really know what we wanted. I loved the black roses, and you know that. Anyway...

Everything you heard it's true, I have a daughter she is 5 years old, her name is Christie and a son that is 3 years old he's name is Paul. They are the fuel to this family, everything revolves around them and it's a pure delight. And I wish that you will get to experience this too soon enough. Because you would be a great at it. I always thought you could become a great husband and father. And no, I did not forget about your crazy brother, I think I saw him once with his child and supposedly his wife, …

Another letter with Black Roses

Dear Alessia,

I know that I said there will be no more letters, but after another four years, there is something I wanted to share with you. After all that dreadful time, I finally found someone, finally hit the jackpot. I found a girl that can get me into heaven. I'm writing you all this because I wanted to let you know that everything you once said, I finally get to understand, everything. And it makes sense, all clear and bright. So I wanted to thank you, even though it's so late. Of course there are apologies to be made, many of them for everything I did wrong and doubted you for. And all those jealousy break outs I had, because of things that weren't real, and I only imagined them. So many apologies, for so many stupid things, I am truly sorry. Anyway...

Congratulations, I heard that you're a mother now and that you have a daughter, and a son, I wish all your family many more kids, happiness and all that you wish for. I am glad to see you truly happy now, to see t…

A letter with black roses


It's been way too long since we last spoke and last wrote you anything. And I decided to write you now after all this time, because of the importance of this day. It's the twelfth, and if you might recall today could have been our four year anniversary. It might be odd that I remember it and you could call me crazy, but well, some call it love or inability to move on. Anyway...

Do you remember that time we were at my friends birthday at a cabin for a weekend? Where I stood on my back in the living room of the cabin, on that couch. And you came slowly towards me, sat at my head looked down, kissed me on my forehead, and saw this little eyelash on my cheek, you took it, and asked me to make a wish. I never told you my wish, but my wish was to love you forever, apparently it worked, because no day goes without me thinking of you. Even though I had relationships, tried and tried, and got drunk and fucked all those women, they didn't compare to what you are and what y…

Death of Love's Hero

There once was a boy, in this perfect world that everybody lived in. Every person could find their place or just travel until they would. Love was found every where, you could see it in the eyes of men, women and children. Dreams were fulfilled, people were happy, so why in a perfect world, do we tell this story about a happy boy? Well he was happy, but not normal, not like everyone else normal. In every story there must be a balance, like in every world and if the balance get's too one sided. Well, not too long until someone will bring the balance back. With everyday he grew and with every negative response he got, he felt like he was pushed and bullied, day by day, he failed seeing the points of those that pushed him time after time. His understanding was short of logic and reason, the pieces didn't make any sense, nothing had it's place. Day after day he asked around to find that piece that could tie at least two pieces together, but he failed to find them. He tried for…

Big Big Update And Announcement

Week in review: Chapter Six: Fair(ness) is out. I had fun writing it and also the inspiration.
There was one mild rant called Cretes. And many outrageous stories in W.T.F.News and we had our first S.T.F.News YaY.

If you are a reader and have a subject or a story or a rant that you would like to make, read and published here. You can. Every weekend there will be a day in which you could post. The way it will work is that you email me, just like the reader that posted, and your post will be featured. Of course you are mentioned with your twitter and name attached to the posts.

This week is the week of Valentines day, so why not join in. The W.T.F.News will stop for this coming week but on the Facebook page they will continue. So there will be some very nice sweet stories throughout the week from a nice trilogy to a follow up to the post Love Misconception.

So no rants, no chapter and news only on the Facebook page. Oh and one other thing, starting two weeks from now …

Chapter Six: Fair(Ness)

Nothing is fair, but the truth.

What's fair? Life isn't, people are not, the system is not. So what is fair? For me, you, him, her, or anyone. When we use this word, we use it either subjectively or personally.
"It isn't fair, he should have won an Oscar.". This is subjectively, because it depends on tastes, likes and your personality. You critic and praise from a fan or casual viewer point that movie or that actors performance. And the only problem with it, might be that you didn't see all the movies or actors performances in that year. But it's still an opinion.

We used it personally, how? Well for saying something like this: " It's not fair that he won, I should have won, because I was better". Technically, yes, this is still subjective. But you use it for defending your stand and your performance. And we use this all the time saying life isn't fair to use (you know all this already).

So now let's talk about what's f…

W.T.F.News: Retarded fucking people

The only story: Three days ago there was the debate between Bill New and Ken Ham. And this shows us how retarded and stupid people are...This hurts so fucking much. Motherfucker. Okay first, How the fuck can you sustain your points when you have a degree in biology and think that creationists and the bible is true. And how can you believe that the bible is a viable source of truth when you work for NASA and launch space ships in orbit? How can you debate everything that is proven and you know it's there BECAUSE YOU WORK FOR NASA and on big science discoveries? And how the fuck can you have a museum with FUCKING DINOSAURS that are millions of years old and say it's a creationist museum? I'm crying right now because there is no logic in those statements. And saying that science and our evidence is man made, but the bible is not, has no fucking rationality. Then who the fuck wrote it? Of course you only use the word science to describe everything that is tested and theorized …


Trying to look like a saint after murders, it doesn't work.

People frown down on something that it might be consider bad. Well the truth is that they are cretins, because it has that stench of thief screaming thief. For example the "cured" alcoholics that after their addiction start pointing fingers and being proud of being clean. They are the perfect example of assholes. Because if you had that problem it doesn't mean that everyone has it as long as they don't damage the people around them. The same thing goes for the people that bash smokers, you're just assholes. And people that quit smoking forget that smokers know that it's bad for them and don't need a constant reminder. The argument being made that you die either way, of course that's a very depressing argument. But that doesn't mean we should do drugs and fuck everything there is, just because we will die anyway. We are meant to thrive not kill ourselves. Going back to those that quit …

W.T.F.News: Even Longer. Britain Oh So Retarded, The Mad King, UN Saying Things (right things), China and Many More

First Story:
Let's start things off with Britain because they have don stupid shit all day, check the special News from yesterday on that. Now back to the two mind blowing things that happened in Britain. And this article will explain it good and you will hate what's happening:
Second thing is a the judicial system in Manchester has the same attitude about rape just like one of the ministers (woman) in the case of a rape that ended in death. But with all this bullshit, there is one man standing up for what's right, and he is absolutely right to do so. We need more people thinking straight (nothing homophobic) when it comes to these types of problems and how they are handled.
Second Story:
Mother Russia you homophobic peace of a shit land propaganda assholes. I'm not going to go into all the dep…

Special News and Update Please Read and Watch the Video

Today I was supposed to put up a new story, but this came out as news.

Like I talked about this story in the W.T.F.News The Last Exorcism Part III, there was a big piece of news regarding UK where I stated this: "This is a devastating news, why? Because apparently Great Britain is bored as fuck. After being exposed the they spy on their citizens, not such a big surprise considering the amount of security cameras in London is over ten thousand, they now try to pass a bill that will basically revoke the power of the written and online press in UK. Why is this happening? Well because Edward Snowden leaked all those documents with the help of The Guardian and they are still doing it. And of course UK took a hit after Snowden exposed after exposing USA and NSA. Which leaves to believe that the Kingdom hides something very terrifying from us all. Also the problem is that if they pass that bill everything that comes as information from UK can't be trusted. They can take journalists …

W.T.F.News Longer Edition: Holy War Of Stupidity and Rights.

Brace yourselves this is going to be a wild ride

First Story:
Scotland becomes the 17th country to legalize gay marriage, which is awesome and goes against every stereotype there is about Scots. And maybe will get to see more countries doing this, because this should be legal everywhere. See 'Murica and World? This is how you do it properly.

Second Story:
We are fucked, cases of cancer are predicted to rise over 70% in the next 20 years. So we either get all money for treatment, which costs lot's of money (but it's impossible because 85 people are richer than 3.5 billion people if you didn't know that). Or marijuana is legalized everywhere and we can at least post pone it or prevented if we're taking it at early stages.

Third Story:
The W.T.F.News of the day comes from Spain, not USA which is weird. A 21 yea…

S.T.F.News Struggle Of Sperm

Like I announced yesterday in the Special,Sweet Update the W.T.F.News will be split in categorize, so today there's a interesting news in Science. And this is called a good and interesting morning.

First Story:
Which brings us to the real struggle of sperm from a great discovery site which you should totally check for more then just this video. Points out many things that very interesting, I will say that you should care because you won.

Second Story:
Shy toddlers reluctant rather than having trouble speaking. Which is interesting and it's bullshit because toddlers that are shy and reluctant to respond may respond only to things that appear logical or imaginative. Pushing toddlers and trying to build them confidence it might just destroy them.

Third Story:

Special Update, Sweet Update

What a great month again, it had it's difficulties. But a great month overall.
Special reader post coming this Saturday so stay tuned, plus a big surprise for the readers that want to have their shot at being a part of this.

So last time this blog got a new segment called: W.T.F.News which cover news that are plain stupid,wrong, hurtful and of course many others. But due to the fact that there are so many branches and so many news, it would be absurd to try and let the stick together in one post and try to figure out which five posts would work for the day.

So W.T.F.News will be split in:

M.T.F.News - Interesting news about Movies and real Music (if you weren't sure for what the M stands)

G.T.F.News - Gaming news, of course they would have to be exceptional

and the remaining

S.T.F.News - Science and technology news.

I.T.F.News - Internet News, what the internet community is up to

W.T.F.News - Which will remain with the rest of the news either good and especially bad

But of cou…

W.T.F.News Whores year...And US is the state of hypocrites and irony

First Story:
Romanian president fights for equal rights in EU and fights against discrimination. Of course he is right and someone has to do that. Also Angela Merkle fight for privacy rights and against the US program saying the spying won't go away over night.

Second Story:
BBC celebrates the new Chinese year by calling it: "Welcome to the years of Whores". Well...umm...I know it's the year of Sarah Jessica Parker, not sure about the year of whores. Either way if BBC is right, that would be a sad year for us.

Third Story:
Cancer can be slowed down in space, which means that it would be probably cured if we can get the treatments we have in space. Science Bitch. In outer space the cancer cells would slow down significant, shows s…

W.T.F.News The Last Exorcism Part III

First Story:
A priest in USA, of course in USA, makes exorcisms on the internet through Skype. Mother of Dragons, how stupid can people be! One hours costs around 200 dollars, and the President of the Catholic Exorcism stated that: "Internet exorcisms are scams". There's nothing more to say then, George Carlin was right saying: "Think about how stupid the average man is and remember that over 50% of people are twice that stupid"

Second Story:
A man was dying of an heart attack across the street of an fire fighter department, the daughter ran to the fire fighters department to get help, they refused because "she should have called 911 first". The man sadly died, and I hope all those asshole get fired fast as fuck. Because fire fighters are supposed to save lives not keep tight of a protocol when a man dies across the street from a heart attack.

Third Story:
There are only a few truly awesome stories and this one of them. This is dedication, not like thos…