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The 100th Special Post!!! (Hooray)

This is the 100th post on this blog. And I'm amazed by the fact that I got to do this many posts.

So for this installment of the blog post we are going to look back at the blog itself and how it changed.

We start of course with the post that started this blog which was a story called Just a simple day. Which is a story about a young man dealing with the true real world, working and trying to discover himself without losing sight of his dreams and becoming just another puppet in this tough world. So everything started with a story in 28.09.2012 and continued with stories about despair, losing yourself, fighting unfair fights, self reflection and the whole drama of ourselves.

One year later everything started to change with the first new segment and type of post, talking about social problems, things that are wrong and maybe lessons and thoughts to be brought out in our daily boring routine with Judgement. Of course the stories remained and continued, but after the great response to…

WeekNet Review: The Llama's reincarnation of the mutant Bane Pug

Another week another WeekNet Review, let's start and go through it fast.

First of all let's talk about the blog, of course. This week we had another Top 10 of Top 10 after 3 months and two more mature stories. There was no chapter because it's a work in progress and I thought since there was a long time since we did stories I just might do two this week. There was no W.T.F.News either since the important things are the same and there's no end to it so why repeat myself over and over again.

W.T.F.News review: So the only real important news this week, the missing plane was found in the exact different location and direction. Which brings up many questions.

So let's spend some time together here and start with Movie News, this week in Las Vegas was CinemaCon which meant trailers and footage about movies that are supposed to come in the near future, we've got tons of news about projects and movies and even trailers. And the first trailer was we've got this week…

I'm losing it

My patients is slowly fading as a river flows and finds it's end swallowed in a lake or sea of despair and complacent. My ideas grow thin and my will gets torn, despair and fear makes it's way in the soul of bravery and romantic thinking. Rationality is getting harder to reach, since disillusion made me weaker. Happiness isn't a goal or even an option, it's a long forgotten piece of the past. I've found myself without an answer, me the one that was always prepared and always had an idea at least. The optimist in me is long gone now and I feel trapped under my own mistakes, the burden of life is harder to comprehend. The peace of my mind is destroyed by whatever it is I can't do anymore. The trauma of failing once too many times made me terrified of trying anymore. Any inspiration, any muse that I find in this world is rapidly shut down by reality. The representation of life in books are making it even harder for me to stick my head out in the world and seeing i…

I'm Corrupted

We're all animals in our own way...

I fear myself, I fear myself much. There's something I know it's bad. As human we are easy to be fooled, to be naive, or harm. But I feel corrupted, by many thoughts. It's proven that money corrupts minds, easily. It shows us the we are addicted when it comes to money and our ego. But I am afraid, that if there could be a chance, and I get driven to prove myself and others that I can change everything. I will fall apart, lose myself and let my anger, bitterness and need for revenge take over. Because once you taste a little power and a little superiority, you will want that feeling to remain with you forever. And it's stupid and I'm stupid. Primal instincts, the need to be the alpha, to prove yourself to the world, things that are fueling not just my hate, but everyone's. We all want to be rich and above everyone that made us suffer or bashed us. I know this feeling all too well. But I fear this so much, I fear success, I …

Another Top 10 Of Top 10

It's been almost four months since our last Top 10. So here's another very helpful top 10 about top tens we can't live without. If you missed the last Top 10 of Top 10 well here it is:

Number 10: Top 10 things a woman wants to hear. Because a woman on menopause knows best about all the 4.5 billion women on the planet and how they are and what they like.

Number 9: Top 10 easy ways to look like a celebrity. Because you're a shitty person with even shittier personality that must be told how to dress and act.

Number 8: Top 10 things you didn't know about women or men that have nothing to do with science or any kind of proof, but you were stupid enough to click on this link. You insecure, ignorant idiot.

Number 7: Top 10 music charts, actually any music chart that is on TV. Because paying money to make people listen to your fucking song ever half an hour it's worth it and then have it be in a top that means a…

WeekNet Review: Batman vs Superman and Obama vs Putin

Hey, it's time for the weekly WeekNet Review. Which means Viral videos, stupid rants, update for the blog, W.T.F.News week in review and many more.

Blog Update: So starting next week we will go back to the usual schedule which means:

Monday: Rant on a specific subjectTuesday: W.T.F.NewsWednesday:: A new ChapterThursday: W.T.F.NewsFriday: StorySaturday: WeekNet ReviewSunday: ThrowbackW.T.F.News Week in Review:
Turkey banned Twitter, Twitter now is the most used social media platform in Turkey.

Pope Fracis threatens the Italian mafia by saying you're going to hell and nothing is changing.

Orange a giant mobile company sells information to the French "NSA" and everyone says "Egalite, fraternite, but not so much liberte. 

India is a dick to China and doesn't want them to search for the missing airplaine in their waters, due to the fact that Buddah might fight Vishnu. 

Give this shit up already, after PIPA, SOPA, ACTA now they are trying again to take the internet from …

Chapter Seven: Questionable Questioning Of Questions

The art of asking questions an question everything.

As days pass by we forget how to ask questions, even simple one's like "Why?" and "How come?". This is a big problem because we get used to be told and never question what we're tasked to do. Asking question isn't regarded as curiosity anymore, it's regarded more as a flaw or stupidity, because you don't know a simple answer. But the truth is neither is the person you are asking, probably, that's why questions are annoying to majority of persons.Teachers are annoyed with questions, parents are annoyed with them, your peers and probably everyone that has the patient of a unfed tiger. There are many "philosophers" on the internet trying to convince you to ask the "right" questions or if what you're doing is right, but it's mostly non-sense with "marketing words"*.
*Marketing words - to be fooled by "fancy words" to believe in what they are sellin…

WeekNet Review: The frozen ferns of 'Murica

Update to the blog: You guess it, the blog was on a break this week, so next week is all about the chapters. So brace yourselves three chapters will come next week, also the updates will be here on WeekNet Review.

So what happened this week in news? Well for starters when mother Russia invites you to dinner, mother Russia comes and take your house. 'Murica is developing a kind of maybe sort of Iron Man suit, also in the near future teaser drones, so the Harlem Shake will return in USA. So to start this post on the great notes of 'Murica we bring you the first viral video. FUCK YEAH!

Uhh and let's not forget the unforgettable Obama on between two ferns:

This week was an active week when it came(HAH) to viral videos and crazy stuff. Twitch Play Pokemon Finally beat itself meaning after winning with Red in Pokemon Red they played the crystal version and got to beat Red. So now I'm curious about what game will the approach next. A…

WeekNet Review NEW

It's the new section that brings everything on the internet that's fun, weird and on the blog together at the end of the week.

So before we get started let me explain how this types of posts work:

stupid ideasviral videosinteresting articles small rants on random subjectsW.T.F.News week in review, all the important subjects of the weekrecommendations in movies, music, internet etc.NSFW things people are afraid to say and for a good reasonand everything said here is random funIdea: To kick off things in the right way, we start with a stupid idea. Now that doesn't mean that there will be a order since it's a chaotic post.
The idea: Naming your child: First name: Last Name
                                            Last name: First Name.
Wouldn't it be great? To be known the creator of the ultimate troll, the one with this epic (no)name. Imagine this situation:
-hey kid, what's your first name?
-Last name
-No, I asked you what's your first name?
-Last name

Dear Mother,

There's nothing more special than a woman that takes care of you and is by your side, even though she suffers. She holds everything to herself and endures, every mistake you make, every time you make her cry she hides and doesn't show it. Her touch and her care will be always with you.

I could start writing so many beautiful things and I could make every mother seem to be a goddess. The truth is, there are no words to describe a woman that takes care of the man she loves and the children she has. I could make this post bigger and longer than any book there is describing what a mother is and what she is doing. But what for? When you can't explain, describe and make someone understand what a mother is. The only thing I know we can do, is to celebrate them everyday, not just today or on their birthday or christmas, but everyday. 
The only thing I know I have to say is: I'm sorry, I love you. I might be stupid, I might have hurt you, but you know that I will always love yo…

Women over Men? Or Men over Women?

I don't really watch TV, but today while I was eating I saw one interesting subject that was discussed.

The subject was "Women over Men or Men over Women". And it's and interesting topic. Is it okay, for a man to know if she wins more than him? Or should women always win less than the man she lives with? Or should a man be okay with the fact that his SO earns more than him?

Let's wrap up this "problem" fast.

We're are changing and entering a new stage as a society, with us being more acceptable towards gay and every type of ethnicity there is. So this subject shouldn't be a problem, but it is. Why? Because we are in transition and the rules aren't set out and we're not clear how everything is supposed to be. All because of pride, ego, shame, ego and preconceived notions.

First question was: "Is it okay for a woman to earn more than a man?" Easy, yes.

Second question: "Should the man know if she earns more than him?" O…

W.T.F.News: Special OSCAR Edition

First thing we have learned from the opening of the OSCARS? Kids, drop college and become an actor, you'll do just fine. Well the mini roasts were okay, Ellen was sweet, but I like Seth McFarlen better. And people said they want Kevin Spacey to present next year's OSCAR, but I want Jamie Fox.
Anyway this year was packed with great great movies, some extraordinary movies were left out, but we can't complain since 2013 was one of the greatest year in movies. Now let's go through the winners in chronological order, the way they were presented.

Best supporting actor: Jared Leto, of course, he was stunning and he deserves it. After a six year break from acting he came back and stole our hearts.

Costume design: The Great Gatsby, I liked this movie and it feels good to seeing a movie that you liked take at least one OSCAR even though it's just the costume design one.

Best Make up: Dallas Buyers Club, nothing to say. At least the winner wasn't The God Awful Lone Ranger

Up, Up Date [Updated]

Week in Review:
This week we introduced new readers to the blog, we had two great stories and plenty of news.


New on the blog starting this Sunday: We will do a WeekNet review of the week. Which means plenty of viral videos, stories and fun stuff.  And a new section within called NSFW(Not Safe For Work)The W.T.F.News will have a slight change. Meaning, ten stories per post two times a week, usually Tuesday and Thursday and a week in review on the WeekNet. Why is this happening? Well because I want to maintain focus more on the stories, chapters, rants that are already prepared for you.Special mention:
This week which here, more exactly the 1st and 8th of march will be focused only on those that are so special to us. Mainly mothers and the women in our lives. So this entire time which already started will be focused on stories which involves those great unspoken heroes of our lives.

This weeks program:

Three new stories, two letters, since I saw you loved the Valentine's day sp…

A Letter For Girls And Women

Dear Girls and Women,

This is supposed to be an open letter from me to you, obviously. The reason I write this, is because you are so much better then what you are now, and don't take offense. There are many exceptions from the "rules" I'm about to talk. But when the majority does it, it is just sad. So dear girls or women, I might not now your story as you like to point out so much and I might not be the standard for anyone to be like. I might make myself a hypocrite, it's just that I want to point out the way you look, not the way you are.

There's a certain formula to be socially accepted and a extremely low level of fame, like having thousands of "friends" and followers. But the problem I see is, that you play by the rules because that's the order, and how things work. And no one will point that out, even if it would, you wouldn't consider it. Most of the guys like tits, ass or a worked body or otherwise they wouldn't even consider lo…