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Motivational Speaker A Top 25

Okay this is a rant, man I didn't do a rant in a long time. But anyway for those new to my rants it works like this usually I pick a topic and start mocking the certain thing I think is idiotic or just plain stupid. I try to do it in a funny way, even though I fail or you just don't get the humor you nimrods. So let's get to it since this is one of my favorite things to pick on facebook and well everywhere I find one on the internet.

Motivational quotes or pictures:

Like this one:

"Yeah, I mean you didn't die this morning, so you failed at dying, which disappointed many of us. But you keep trying and if sleep doesn't help you. Try to get a hang of it all."

So let's me pick some more and try to have fun with them.

Yeah man can wait to see how you're gonna tell your sun that he's proof that you tried. And failed to pull out in time.

Heh, that one was mean...


First of all you should kill the fucker that's chocking you or you should ge…

Why we lie

Today I found out why we lie, not just in general, but to ourselves too. It's so that we can cope with the reality we live in. We lie so that we maintain hope when there is none. So that we keep ourselves together in though times, to keep out fears away and out life going on no matter what happens. Even if it means we lose touch with reality just to keep a small thread of hope floating in the air with us holding it and tugging on it until it rips and we crash land on truth and in reality. In the darkest night, in the blackest hour a lie is our savior, being it God, heaven, rebirth, or a last minute cure or miracle. Nothing can beat a good lie, reality can never get up to par to a good lie, not even in realities true and ugly form. Because whenever we get hit by reality we create an ever bigger lie, even if it doesn't make any sense what so ever. A lie can save a marriage, it can save a relationship or a life. We play on guitars with broken strings just to keep the lie going an…