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American Sniper and the shitheads


It's time for me to do this. I just can't shut up about this anymore. So if do or do not know there is that little movie called American Sniper. This little movie is nominated for a handful of Oscars, but everyone fucking started saying that this movie is propaganda for the US Military and the crimes they committed to be forgiven or shown as acts of bravery and spread hate against the Muslims. Which is fucking outrageous and down right retarded.

These motherfuckers are all retarded. No doubt these fuckers should not have kids. But this wasn't what the movie wanted to show at all. And if you wanted to do this after you got out of the movie you are retarded no doubt. At the other end like I said is those that think the movie does this on purpose, they are equally retarded. Why? Well because this movie did nothing to suggest that any of the things people are saying and are getting offended about. Why? Let's start with the fact that this movie begins with t…

My Loneliness 2

You see I was 20 years old. And I was out at a concert My friends and I loved concerts a lot, we loved dancing and having fun, especially if there were lots of people with the same mentality around us. We went to have fun, dance, meet interesting people, but never went out to get laid or find ourselves girlfriends. As the concert was moving along we started creating a flash mob with people around us, we usually did at concerts and festivals. So in midst of jumping, singing, talking and dancing with people, boy, girl, if you were there to have fun we danced and talked with you. But it so happens that I found myself in arms with a gorgeous brunette, she was flawless I've never seen someone that perfect in my entire life. Suddenly from dancing with everyone I confined myself and only dance with her, as she danced with me, it felt like some kind of magic. I was starstruck. So I boldly asked for her number and mail so we could talk.

As drunk and happy as I was that night, in the mornin…

My Loneliness

You see there is this type of girl I really like but there is always something about them that hinders me to be with them. So here's the story behind my bad luck or better let's call it what it is. Loneliness.

You see I was 19, I was working late and there was this group of girls of girls in the bar. But only one stood out for me from the entire group. She was interesting, a redhead, with bright brown eyes that sucked me right in. As it was a busy night I could sneak peak at her while working and without being noticed. But of course my turned into starting for a moment and she noticed me watching her as she smiled. From that point on she and her friends came often to the cafe I was working at, so I got to know her tastes in coffee and tea. I always knew what she wanted even before asking for anything. Once she came with only one friend and as that day was slower then usual she invited me to sit with them for a chat. So we got to know each other and laugh and talk about many th…