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Why God(s) must die

By fear or hope humanity lives to live beyond through gods and heavens.
Humanity always lived and held believe in one or more gods. Either because they feared what they didn't understand or for the hope of after life. The belief that in the sky there's a supreme god that can explain everything that we don't understand and we don't have control over everything gives us the illusion that we can leave it to god to make the choices for us and we wont be responsible for what is happening and we don't need to get involved and take charge. On the other side is the weirdly combined elements of fear and hope of a heaven after death. We only have fear of god so that it won't punish us here on earth or in after life by sending us to heaven. And we hope that if we live a righteous life we get in heaven and see all those dear to us that have past on. All these things give us men and women the power to go on with our lives with hope and power through though times with the be…