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To the black coated red

I feel like a dumb-ass, but I don't know how to reach you otherwise or how to make you realize it. I am trapped in between the walls you created. I am simply stuck, and creepily as this might seem, you left me to death when I wonder towards the black coated red you used on me, even though unwillingly. I don't know why yours worked when nothing else did before on me like that. And I write to you again from the corner of the black coated red where some dark escapes to bring some light, even though it might never reach you as I want to.

The more I stay here and think about it, the more I don't want to leave, the more I try to leave and find an exit to all this, the pain only increases in intensity, yet I enjoy it. It works my mind in a weird way and the conflict excites me, just as the improbability drives me. The odds of death and misery to those of disappointment only for a piece of happiness are thrilling. Just the thought of the forbidden fruit that might be hidden either…