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Humans... The only beings that use articulate means of expressing themselves, but also censoring themselves.

We use different means of communicating with each other, either by spoken words, written words, sign language or body language. We use languages to express ourselves and transmit information and so on and so forth, I think you might know well what languages are used for. But we're also the only creatures to express, define and understand an infinity of things, essences, ideas, feelings and so on. So why censor any of it? Isn't the beauty of humanity to express ourselves in the words we use? Why is it that people think that a certain more vulgar way of expressing, and explaining things is crude and childish? I think that limiting the use of languages in any way is nothing but harmful and it let's language to be used as a tool for carefully crafted manipulation and masking of the truth. Even though the same limitations do backfire when it's used by public speaker…

Chapter 8.5: Explaining Rationality

There are a few things that might be interpreted wrong or seem to enter a conflict and this post is here to help explain it all.
1. Feelings and rationality:
When talking about rationality many do not consider feelings to be part of rational. Even though we should not, and here's the reason why. Feelings are part of our rationality, it helps us define ourselves as humans, and it shows our needs. From feeling hungry, sad, happy, they all have a base in rationality, as crazy as it may seem. We're having feelings for a reason, something bothered us, something goes against what we are or there was something we achieved which made us happy. Those things are based in rationality, since they are actually influenced by reason, action and thought. So when I said in one of the rules "expressing thoughts and feelings clearly, directly and in a polite or neutral manner", I this is what I meant. Rather then detaching yourself from the feelings, you should take control of them, u…

Chapter Eight: Rationality

Rationality is the biggest fear of a ignorant person.

While rationality and the definition of it is highly disputed between psychologists, sociologists and philosophers to this day. Rationality is known to be the use of fact, reasoning, proof and control over ones self emotions. This rationality can help us achieve a goal faster and more efficient, the same goes for making hard choices. We are not talking about what rationality in terms of economics, politics, biology or mathematics.  Many debate that humans can't be rational and I quite agree, because we can't really detach ourselves from our emotions, instincts and will to self gain. With rationality using knowledge and information and detachment, it is easy to see why people are irrational. And many believe that the only ones that can be truly rational are computers, and objects for that matter. Often when you tell to someone "Be a rational human being" it's a insult.

One of the problems with us being rational…