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This year sucked. Now look, I am not talking about celebrity deaths, corruption or any other important things like that. I am going to talk about the unimportant things that happened this year. 
The year 2016 meant a lot to me, it was the year I took an important step towards one of my dreams, I did something. Even if it's not of value, I published my first book. Why did I say that it is not of value? Because it is something anyone can do. I learned about what some publications and independent authors do in order to get sales and get their word out. Things I do not appreciate or like. Which all in all discouraged me.
2016 seemed to be the year which imposed hypocrisy, double standards, paradoxes and idiocy to the forefront of society. This is the thing that bothered me the most. Compared to other years, this one seemed keen on creating diversity when it comes to who is right, and who has the right to take the rights of other's away. Whether we're talking about Black …


I don't even know how to start this, I have to say that this might be anti-climatic or down right disappointing. But this is the announcement, it's here. On the blog, not on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform. It's this blog. And I think it should be this way, at least for now. I promise next time, I'll do a better job of creating hype, making the announcement and being better prepared, but I have my own schedule, which I want to respect without deviating from it. With that said here's the introduction I promised you:
Hi, my pen name is Raul F. O. for various reasons, one is that my real name would be a pain in the ass to pronounce in English, so I took the easiest route possible, rather than creating an alter-ego. I am soon to be 25 years old, I will be graduating soon from college, hopefully, I am a hopeful and struggling writer. I enjoy saying or writing things that are meant to prove my point through irony or hypocrisy. I …

A long time coming.

It's been a long time.

I started this blog, six years ago. That for me at least, is long ago. Since then I finished high school, I fell in love a few times, I owned a coffee bar and closed it. I started college and next summer I am finishing it. I have done and been through a lot. I have met many, many people, I have lost many. Where some, sure, I could find again, others are gone forever, whether we're talking friends or family. This blog has also went through a substantial change two years after it's creation. To what it is today, a blog of short stories, satire, mockery and evolution, at least for me, I hope for the long time readers too. Now with that said, I think that after many years of being a nobody, of being no one, a dumbass posting. I think it is time I am dumbass with face and a weird voice and accent that posts. Considering that I have published a book, that I have been writing on this blog for over six years. I think I owe you to know who that nobody is. If …

My motivation

I believe that everyone has some motivation when it comes to their choice in acting a certain way, so here are mine.

We all want something, we all have desires. Things we don't agree with or want to change, something that might bothers us or see unfit for the world that we live in. Or just maybe there are things that stand in our way, in what we want and thing we ought to achieve. So we tear through others, we rig the system in our favor, we manipulate others to achieve our own goal and happiness. What a sad, pathetic thing to do. While for some this might seem as a sign of power and determination, I see it as a move of a coward that has no dignity. Yet I'm not one to talk, I can't. This whole thing about being powerful without a righteous claim to it, only by the law of the jungle seems unfit. Especially for the species that regards itself to be intelligent, sociable and above all else. So then, what is my motivation? What do I desire? What do I want to achieve? How do I …

Short Update

What have I been doing?

Setting up my YouTube account so I can start recording and giving short glimpses into my work, that together with the start of the last year of college, work and reworking many things on Trapped: Autumn and my public profiles, pages and accounts. I am also planning my marketing for Trapped: Autumn, and the next book. I will announce the next book on the second day of 2017. Hopefully you are going to be just as excited as I am. regarding my long term plan, I have book planned until the year 2025. With a total of 17 books to be published by that year. 4 trilogies, three stand alone books and a two part series. Hopefully you will enjoy the ride and the stories I have planned for you my dear readers, just as much as I love creating them.

I am also looking towards building my own website soon enough where I can have my stories published, my updates, my book and everything that I am doing all posted there, but that will probably become a reality some time next year.

Trapped: Autumn Official Release

This is my book. Trapped: Autumn, a story that I chose to put inside the Magical Realism genre. Since it's a mix of everything that is deeply grounded in reality, with references to real people, real events, real celebrities and so on and so forth. The tagline of the book, the descriptions used to market this book describe the book perfectly without giving too much away, something that is practiced too often today when it comes to books and movies. What I wanted to do is attract readers with this simple premise and idea, what would your opinion of yourself be from the same perspective you have on other people? That without giving up any of the surprises hidden inside the book.

Now, how does it feel to be published and achieve a dream? Terrifying, it's haunting, all the joy dissipates into nothing, knowing that now you took the first step. From now on you have to do your best to keep at it and to try to live your dream, to perfect your dream. People will judge you for your eve…

Trapped: Autumn Unofficial Press Release

Trapped: Autumn F. Raul-O. Unofficial Press Release

Trapped: Autumn, a book I didn’t think it would make the light of day. Something I didn’t think was possible, to write and publish a book all in under a month. The story is based on real life events and conversations, real people and situations. A simple tale that was turned into a mix of grounded reality and a mythological tale that was used to be told. A mixture in styles between the classical way of writing and telling a story, and post-modern ideas with modern language. The choice of taking the characters from a real place comes from the idea of transcribing reality onto paper and grounding the work. The same goes for the dialogue and situations, considering the fact that reality is strange and quirky why not use it? As for why I mixed the situations with mythology, I needed a reason to explain why John, the main character, was going through the motion of the story. Yet the more I wrote the story, the more I fell in love with this i…

A gift to the readers and Trapped: Autumn the music behind the book

Sometimes the music behind a piece of content deserves attention, since it can put emotion into the reader while reading or watching something. The same goes for the author or creator, the music behind the piece he is working on can drive him to be more emotional, to show more than he would have thought at first.

For me, the music behind Trapped: Autumn did the same. It made me show more emotion, I put more heart into what I wrote, it determined me to pull through it all. It still does even now while I'm trying to promote the book on all social media platforms and trying to write the second book.

Many times the creator is just as good as the music he listens too when he writes, for me it helped me to keep a consistent tone throughout the book and to focus on the story more than anything. All the songs in the playlist listed below and the ones that are already posted here on this blog, helped me create a more emotional tale than I first expected. It brought up emotions that I…

Trapped: Autumn PUBLISHED!

A book where you are put in the center of the action. As the reader is put front and center witnessing the struggle of a student trying to save his own life by being the man, facing the myth to get to the once upon a time. In a R rated version of a modern fairy tale, that shows you raw emotions, thoughts and dialogue. Available worldwide through as a paperback or as an e-book. Paperback version:

Kindle exclusive: US: Germany: UK: France: Spain: Italy: Netherlands: Japan: Brasil: Canda: Mexico: h…

Trapped: Autumn the experience.

So I finished writing the book some time ago already and writing this book was an amazing experience. Even if I did so during my 12 hour shift job and little free time, considering that until October here we don't start the college year. But very few things actually gave me the feeling that I have right now while waiting to get confirmation on the date of the publication. While doing so I also started writing the second book, and I have to admit that it is harder to write new characters and a whole new story, when you are so accustomed with the events and characters of the previous book. I want to finish writing this second book before October even starts, so that I can focus on college and graduating.
Now onto the experience as a whole. If I hadn't had this story planned out already, it would have taken me a lot longer than it did. Now with that said, the actual toughest parts in writing this book were the lack of usual tropes one finds in books, the lack of narration, the tr…

Trapped:Autumn a preview

So here is a link to the preview of Trapped:Autumn

It is real people! It is really happening! My dream come true.

I am not yet ready to come back [Update]

Why I didn't complete the stories I started? Why didn't I write anything new? Because I wrote a book
I had this idea for some time to write a book, I also had the material for years. So considering that I tried to write the story here and I actually thought I could do it more justice if it had a longer format and it would be a great first step to take towards one of my dreams. So this September 22nd be ready for the first book. Trapped: Autumn. I will have more updates at the start of September.

Disguise or representation?

Maybe I'm wrong... or maybe everyone's mad. But the way I see it, people are nothing but bad actors with terrible masks that disguise one ugly face of theirs and shows you just what they want you to see. The beauty, the grace, the smile they have has nothing to do with who they truly are. Trying to take off the mask of the actor to see its true personality is nothing else but easy, since actors are very frail to begin with. Their emotions can be seen in their eyes, their intent can be outwitted even before they try to act, you can guess their lines and see through the charade.

Living without a mask is possible, but there is a difficult thing that one must surpass before being able to do so. Which is nothing but depressing, trying to take off the mask that you believed was your true self, the mask that was there from the first lie you were exposed to or you created. The pain of the past and what made you build this wall of expression on your face to begin with, tearing down eve…

20 Questions Part X: End of...

Going on without even acknowledging her question, I asked: "Do you like me?" This question was greeted with a very silent nod, something I actually foresaw. Because once she realized that I was playing her game and she only had one shot, she had no other choice but to make me in the remaining four questions to get to trust her. To do that she had to be honest in the first two questions and to hit back with some very telling questions about what she actually wants and how she feels. At number seventeen, like I suspected she asked me if I still believe in her. So I just nodded to also make her trust me. My question for her was: "Did you know a lot about me before starting this game?", which in foresight I should have asked from the beginning, but I was too concentrated on playing this game. She responded with a yes, to which we both ended our third beer. At question eighteen she asked me: "Do you think that we could work?" with a very sad expression she lo…

20 Questions Part IX: And the winner is...

But this wasn't a dead end, because it was a definite win for me at this point. My plan had worked wonderfully, since she had three options for this question and no matter what she would choose I would end up winning. For example if she answers this question with a yes, all I have to do is smile. If she answers no, I have to take a shot. From this point on she might think the following: in the first case it would be that I think that I still have a chance with her and completely forgot about the question of chosen ones or at least that I am happy that she thinks I can find someone to love. In the second scenario, is that I'm bitter and that I'm going to do everything in my power to fall for someone. Both scenarios are in my advantage, because no matter her answer I remain with the image of a lovesick puppy and further consolidates the question about love she put me through. The third scenario would be a timeout, something that I actually aimed to do either this round or t…

20 Questions Part VIII: One way ticket

Am I? Am I being toyed with? Am I being taken for a fool here? What the fuck is happening? These are some of the thoughts I had, then I remembered that this was my seventh shot. In my head was a tornado of curse words which included: shit, piss, cunt, motherfucker, whore, shit and cunt if I forgot to mention it. There were eight questions left for her to answer and all I had left was three shots, this game was as good as over, she had played this game perfectly from the beginning. When i figured this out I seemed really frustrated so I kept playing as I was angry with her answer. Not to let her see that I caught on to her little plan, but considering what she just did she probably gave that answer just to let me know that this is still a game with a winner and a loser. A game which I picked, so there's that sweet irony. Which meant that now that she let me know that the game is still on, that I will have to have my guard up. So with the same perfect poker face, she was a master K…

20 Questions Part VII: The fallen

Am I?
The second round was about to start and I just remembered that I forgot to mention something very important in part III of this story. After breaking up with the ex I had the tinder period, which was pure garbage and on which I gave up faster than the flash could travel to time. Seeing how every girl I talked to was self-absorbed, not to mention the other "matches" I had where they didn't even respond, it struck me that what my friend told me years ago was nothing but a lie. Here's why. I had met with girls ranging from the age of 19 to women of the age of 30, they pretty much said the same thing: "I want a man that knows what he wants, can handle himself, is funny, a gentlemen." But it was all bullshit, all they did was prove me that they had no idea what they wanted. Well that, and the fact that they did not want me. I say this not because I'm a bitter ass, but because when I talked to them and confronted them with question of the sorts: "B…

20 Questions Part VI: Took an arrow

She didn't respond with a yes or no but instead with a timeout, which for me obviously created doubts about her future answer, thinking "Why would she hesitate? Why wouldn't she respond truthfully? Does she think that I would judge her based on her answer and hold her tied to her past?" The truth would be somewhere in between, I would hold that in mind for me if I would ever have any reason to doubt her words or her actions, but I would never act on it unfounded. Usually by unfounded I don't mean just one odd thing or two, more of a multitude of such actions that could bring up doubt in me. I might have my trust issues, but I would never do anything like that without any explanation. But more due to the lack of information and weird behavior from her. Like I said I do not wish to make the same mistakes twice. So I thought to tease her a bit as she could not speak and told her: "You know, as fucking weird as this is, since it was all setup by my ex and you a…

20 Questions Part V: Low hanging fruit

Well...Did you?

Trying to focus on my questions and what I want to get out of the first round, I think I should be more aggressive and get to the dirtiest of the dirty questions I had prepared to maybe throw her off, so I ask: "Sex should be more than once a day, right?", she looks at me in awe and start blushing just to answer with a yes. As I grin like a smartass and a dumbass she asks bluntly: "Are you an asshole?", I stopped smiling for a second, answered yes and started laughing, to which she takes a shot telling me to fuck off. So I continue and ask her: "Are you the most important thing in your life?", the reason I asked this is to find out how much she either cherishes her family, the whole world, her pets or herself and to see how big her ego is. But to my surprise she answered with a resounding yes and another drink from the beer, if you want to ask why I drank less than her from the beer you should know I did not drink less. Suddenly she starts…

20 Questions: Episode IV: A new question


Are you sure you understood the game? I asked her. She smiled and nodded while her eyes were sparkling. I also explained why the two check boxes for each answer to every questions and added the fact that this game has a ten minute break after the first ten questions. A break where we both should think about the remaining questions we wrote and if we want to change them. Also if the both participants want to jump right into the last ten questions they can skip the break. And each participant has the right to two time outs, he can use them whenever he wants. In that time of five minutes the participant has to sit in silence and not talk, if he talks provoked by the other participant. The other participant has the right to deny a question. Something just to make the game even more interesting to play with and provoke the other player into playing this game as best as one can. There is one other rule to this game, I told her. She sighs and asks if that's the last rule, …

Addresse to a dress

Let's just get over with this.

God damn it, the sexiest thing a woman or anyone can have is not their mind. A mind is nothing tangible or sexy in the slightest, neither is(referring to being sexy) her/his brains. So please stop saying that, here's the thing. For someone to be sexy it means that they must think, act, be a certain way to appear more appealing to someone. It means maybe for some to have confidence, to smile a lot, the way they talk, walk, flirt, express themselves. Those are things that make someone be sexy, attractive or appealing. Not their mind, brain or heart, secondly not everyone can be sexy, attractive or appealing. Let's face it (or maybe not), some are fat and disgusting, some don't wash themselves and are disgusting, finally some are just damn ugly and disgusting. And there is nothing sexy about that unless you make it so, with the help of fetishes.

No matter how intelligent, approachable, mature, wise, cunning a person might seem when you talk …

20 Questions Part III: Filler and exposition the chapter

The one.

So before we go on, here are some things you might need to know about me or you forgot. Like I said, my love life wasn't exactly sparkly. So to put you into a bit of context let's start from the beginning. The first girlfriend I had was when I was fifteen, cheated on me and how do I know that she cheated? Well, I caught her in the act. So maybe you can see where this is going. Then the following six until I got to the age of eighteen did the same thing. And so we skip for now the age of eighteen straight into the nineteenth, I'll explain later, I promise. So while talking to friends and a good friend that was older by ten years than me and my friends, she said: "Well you know, that girls maybe wanted something from you and you didn't give it to them. That's why they cheated." My response was ultimately a giant what the fuck is wrong with them. Not because I did not want sex, but because it jumped from kiss to sex, my thoughts were always somewher…