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"This world is a giant circus, and I have front row seats to the show" - George Carlin

I myself like to think of my actual job as an observer. Granted this job was harder in the past, but now I have no limitation to the information I can get. I am up to date with events, discoveries, trends, technology, politics, social issues, books, music, movies, TV shows, the whole internet. So this job of being a diligent observer is easier with the help of my dear friend the internet. And I don't mean this in a creepy stalker way, but more in a critical approach to everything kind of way. I just sit and observe you and what's going on, and how people change trends, ideologies, behavior and how they have a hypocritical and often ignorant and selfish way of looking at things. And now after so many years of observing you could say I became pretty decent at this job, but you see here's the problem with the job of an observer, you just sit observe in silence. And this is the wor…