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Trapped: Autumn Official Release

This is my book. Trapped: Autumn, a story that I chose to put inside the Magical Realism genre. Since it's a mix of everything that is deeply grounded in reality, with references to real people, real events, real celebrities and so on and so forth. The tagline of the book, the descriptions used to market this book describe the book perfectly without giving too much away, something that is practiced too often today when it comes to books and movies. What I wanted to do is attract readers with this simple premise and idea, what would your opinion of yourself be from the same perspective you have on other people? That without giving up any of the surprises hidden inside the book.

Now, how does it feel to be published and achieve a dream? Terrifying, it's haunting, all the joy dissipates into nothing, knowing that now you took the first step. From now on you have to do your best to keep at it and to try to live your dream, to perfect your dream. People will judge you for your eve…

Trapped: Autumn Unofficial Press Release

Trapped: Autumn F. Raul-O. Unofficial Press Release

Trapped: Autumn, a book I didn’t think it would make the light of day. Something I didn’t think was possible, to write and publish a book all in under a month. The story is based on real life events and conversations, real people and situations. A simple tale that was turned into a mix of grounded reality and a mythological tale that was used to be told. A mixture in styles between the classical way of writing and telling a story, and post-modern ideas with modern language. The choice of taking the characters from a real place comes from the idea of transcribing reality onto paper and grounding the work. The same goes for the dialogue and situations, considering the fact that reality is strange and quirky why not use it? As for why I mixed the situations with mythology, I needed a reason to explain why John, the main character, was going through the motion of the story. Yet the more I wrote the story, the more I fell in love with this i…

A gift to the readers and Trapped: Autumn the music behind the book

Sometimes the music behind a piece of content deserves attention, since it can put emotion into the reader while reading or watching something. The same goes for the author or creator, the music behind the piece he is working on can drive him to be more emotional, to show more than he would have thought at first.

For me, the music behind Trapped: Autumn did the same. It made me show more emotion, I put more heart into what I wrote, it determined me to pull through it all. It still does even now while I'm trying to promote the book on all social media platforms and trying to write the second book.

Many times the creator is just as good as the music he listens too when he writes, for me it helped me to keep a consistent tone throughout the book and to focus on the story more than anything. All the songs in the playlist listed below and the ones that are already posted here on this blog, helped me create a more emotional tale than I first expected. It brought up emotions that I…

Trapped: Autumn PUBLISHED!

A book where you are put in the center of the action. As the reader is put front and center witnessing the struggle of a student trying to save his own life by being the man, facing the myth to get to the once upon a time. In a R rated version of a modern fairy tale, that shows you raw emotions, thoughts and dialogue. Available worldwide through as a paperback or as an e-book. Paperback version:

Kindle exclusive: US: Germany: UK: France: Spain: Italy: Netherlands: Japan: Brasil: Canda: Mexico: h…

Trapped: Autumn the experience.

So I finished writing the book some time ago already and writing this book was an amazing experience. Even if I did so during my 12 hour shift job and little free time, considering that until October here we don't start the college year. But very few things actually gave me the feeling that I have right now while waiting to get confirmation on the date of the publication. While doing so I also started writing the second book, and I have to admit that it is harder to write new characters and a whole new story, when you are so accustomed with the events and characters of the previous book. I want to finish writing this second book before October even starts, so that I can focus on college and graduating.
Now onto the experience as a whole. If I hadn't had this story planned out already, it would have taken me a lot longer than it did. Now with that said, the actual toughest parts in writing this book were the lack of usual tropes one finds in books, the lack of narration, the tr…

Trapped:Autumn a preview

So here is a link to the preview of Trapped:Autumn

It is real people! It is really happening! My dream come true.