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My motivation

I believe that everyone has some motivation when it comes to their choice in acting a certain way, so here are mine.

We all want something, we all have desires. Things we don't agree with or want to change, something that might bothers us or see unfit for the world that we live in. Or just maybe there are things that stand in our way, in what we want and thing we ought to achieve. So we tear through others, we rig the system in our favor, we manipulate others to achieve our own goal and happiness. What a sad, pathetic thing to do. While for some this might seem as a sign of power and determination, I see it as a move of a coward that has no dignity. Yet I'm not one to talk, I can't. This whole thing about being powerful without a righteous claim to it, only by the law of the jungle seems unfit. Especially for the species that regards itself to be intelligent, sociable and above all else. So then, what is my motivation? What do I desire? What do I want to achieve? How do I …

Short Update

What have I been doing?

Setting up my YouTube account so I can start recording and giving short glimpses into my work, that together with the start of the last year of college, work and reworking many things on Trapped: Autumn and my public profiles, pages and accounts. I am also planning my marketing for Trapped: Autumn, and the next book. I will announce the next book on the second day of 2017. Hopefully you are going to be just as excited as I am. regarding my long term plan, I have book planned until the year 2025. With a total of 17 books to be published by that year. 4 trilogies, three stand alone books and a two part series. Hopefully you will enjoy the ride and the stories I have planned for you my dear readers, just as much as I love creating them.

I am also looking towards building my own website soon enough where I can have my stories published, my updates, my book and everything that I am doing all posted there, but that will probably become a reality some time next year.