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Many projects, many ideas...

This year besides writing books, I will branch out into other media. To be more specific, screenwriting (for both TV and movies), YouTube, comic books and online comics. The idea is to try to do more and create more. To expand into all media and learn new and exciting things. To get a better feel for everything there is in storytelling and creation. 
The number of future books has risen to the number of twenty. Each having its own special place and special meaning into what I want to do and create. And why not announce something now? Trapped: Autumn will be revamped. The second edition of the book together with another cover for it, will be done. And it will be available with Trapped: Spring on March 22nd.
Screenplays and Comic Books or Online Comics
I have other ideas that would go better on screen rather than on a page with words. So if it won't be possible to get it on the screen, the alternative will be a comic book.  Or even if it will be poss…


In the light of the recent event of the 12 year old girl hanging herself... This is what I have to say.
I say fuck you people. You fucking assholes... I saw comments saying that she should have done something else, that she should have went to the authorities or at least take the pedophile with him. Fuck you judgmental fucking pricks. I blame you for every suicide, every death and every single fucking loss. Yes, you, you, you and all of you. You are at fault for this. All you do is fucking talk and boast and stand there like a fucking asshole. Telling people what they should have done, what they should think, how they should behave. I am telling you to go fuck yourself. You pieces of shit. All of you. You have no idea do you? No one listens to children, whether they are beaten, sexually abused, mistreated, malnourished or killed. No matter what they say, you don't fucking listen to them, because they are children, they don't know any better, they'll get over it. To all th…

How I write my stories (Part One)

Step one... Write...
The simple answer would be I just write what comes to mind. But the thing is a bit more complicated, for example the idea for Trapped: Autumn came out during a walk towards the college campus. It just came to mind my that "what if this would happen? Wouldn't that be creepy and weird?" From then on I started thinking about the plot, after I got the plot down, I start to fit the characters around the freshly made story. Then I go into details such as why and how, thinking about the characters and the world. The same process went for Trapped: Spring as well, I just thought to myself "But wouldn't it be cool if I would do this after Trapped: Autumn and then screw with the reader?" Which lead to the same questions, again. Yet what I was describing just now is my thought process, nothing more.
So here's how I write:
I. Creation:
1. I have a plot or an idea for a plot.  2. I figure out the beginning, middle and end. 3. Create the characte…

Marketing myself


There are a few things I understood during my debut. There are a few other things I have witnessed and learned from all this. As much as I would like to take a shit on what essentially is an industry, I would like to focus things on my books and why I won't push more. Marketing is a wonderful thing, if you have the time, money or skill to do it all on your own. If you have none of that, you'd better have some money to hire someone to sell what you have to offer and attract readers or consumers. It's logic, it's simple. But there are a few things I won't do, swap reviews, hire for reviews, create a thousand fake accounts to review my own product, bait and switch readers. Have Facebook rip me off by not letting everyone see what I post and then ask for money to let people see my posts. So what I am trying to do is to remain simple, I don't want to go beyond and above. Firstly, I can't afford it, secondly I don't like to attract dishonest comments, re…