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Trapped: Spring Preview

As promised, today I will give you a preview of Trapped: Spring. Share for more on March 22nd.

Charles: Any book other that isn’t in the pitiful young adult section. It is all weird and makes little to no sense. Most of them think that you can throw words onto paper and suddenly, you will have meaning, a story that any of it will make sense. Paul: Sadly most of the good writing of today is from the authors that are over forty of age. Mike: Probably. Paul: So we can go full circle, a main reason for that is the fact that they do not know how to express themselves, any of their thoughts coherently, putting them in any order that would makes sense. Charles: Sadly, since they are not stupid. Diane: That’s one of the reasons we are here, to help them, give them the tools with which they can achieve that. Charles: Well, there you go Paul, you needed a reason to why we are here, now you have one. Mike: I will leave you guys, enjoy what is left of your free hour before you have some work to do. Messag…

Transition from Autumn to Spring

Trapped: not the same way...

When writing Trapped: Autumn I was fixating on the experience of judgement, the out of body experience, the irony and hypocrisy of humanity. The book itself is a mess with many mistakes of all sorts, incoherent, unfiltered and uncensored thoughts of this character John. With the purposes mentioned earlier. Just as it was meant for the reader to figure it all out, to put the reader to think and decide what kind of a human being he is. Or how would they react if they were to have such an experience? Trapped: Autumn was meant to either make you hate the book, the character, yourself and the author or to love it all. I wrote it in such a specific way, because I wanted to distance myself from any kind of literature there is for sale today. This all made it very entertaining for me, but Trapped: Spring is another story. The second book and last for this ark was meant to make it all clear, to make it more simple. It has none of the irony of the first one, at leas…

How I write my stories (Part Two)

After the creation of everything that was said last time, this is what I do next.

Step I - Writing

I actually start writing. Last time I talked about all these layers, steps of creation and thoughts, but I did not mention once that I actually start writing the piece. I simply said how I write, but if you paid attention to the post, I never said in those steps start writing everything down. It was more of a mental writing process of how I unfold what I am about to write. So then I actually start writing everything mentioned before gets put onto paper. Yet there were things I couldn't have planned while actually writing the piece.
Step II - Improvisation
The problem with having everything mapped out in your mind is the fact that you can't be sure of what you are actually writing down. So you improvise as you go along with the story that you have in your mind. Which is brilliant, for example Trapped: Autumn suffered many changes due to this fact. And so did Trapped: Spring. I surpr…