Trapped: Spring Preview

As promised, today I will give you a preview of Trapped: Spring. Share for more on March 22nd.

Charles: Any book other that isn’t in the pitiful young adult section. It is all weird and makes little to no sense. Most of them think that you can throw words onto paper and suddenly, you will have meaning, a story that any of it will make sense.
Paul: Sadly most of the good writing of today is from the authors that are over forty of age.
Mike: Probably.
Paul: So we can go full circle, a main reason for that is the fact that they do not know how to express themselves, any of their thoughts coherently, putting them in any order that would makes sense.
Charles: Sadly, since they are not stupid.
Diane: That’s one of the reasons we are here, to help them, give them the tools with which they can achieve that.
Charles: Well, there you go Paul, you needed a reason to why we are here, now you have one.
Mike: I will leave you guys, enjoy what is left of your free hour before you have some work to do.
Message from Amber: I will have to go by the supermarket after I get out of here. Do you need anything?
Mike: If I need anything from the supermarket?
Reply to Amber: I want some chips and marshmallows.
Amber: I shouldn’t have asked him.
Message from Amber: Anything else my child?
Reply to Amber: When I grow up I want to be an astronaut firefighter, so I want a pony.
Amber: He really has his way of taking the piss out of me.
Cindy: What?
Amber: Sorry, I was thinking out loud. I asked Mike what he wanted from the supermarket and he asked for something childish. So now he acts like a child which annoys me.
Cindy: Come on, he is cute. You should loosen up sometimes.
Amber: Stop saying that, we’re not in a movie, we’re not in a book.
Cindy: Boo, you whore.
Amber: What?
Cindy: Nothing.
Amber: Also, I act according to the way he acts sometimes, so I feel obliged to be the straight man.
Cindy: Says the woman who cries at every single romantic movie or Pixar slash Disney movie in general.
Amber: Point taken.
John: This sucks.
Will: What exactly?
John: This course, we’re talking about things that are obvious and everyone should know.
Dan: Well, not everyone’s a genius like you. Sorry to disappoint you.
Anne: Maybe you’ll be happy with the upcoming course.
John: That’s even worse.
Eliza: But which professor’s is the next course?
Marie: I believe it was professor’s Paul course.
Eliza: Yeah, no, John is right on this one.

So, this is just a short glimpse from Trapped: Spring. A somewhat different writing style, a somewhat different type of dialogue, a new perspective. With new and old characters. For more details, stay tuned for next week when I'll go into a bit more details about the book. This, is just a taste. If you want to read more, there's still Trapped: Autumn.


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