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Trapped: Autumn Genres

When people ask me what genre the Trapped: books are, I do not know what to tell them. So here's a short descriptions fitting for genres Trapped: Autumn might fit in.


A student is followed by a myth part of the legends. As he fights his way through what he thinks it's unfair, all for a better life. Fall gets to him as he has to escape what seems to be a never ending nightmare. As he gets tortured over and over and over and over and over again. He is put to trial as he sees control slip away from him, his relationship crashing, his body decaying and mind slipping. John is put to observe his own behavior and trying to escape the hell he is stuck in. Repeating it week after week after week.
John's taken away, losing control over his own body. He has to uncover the mystery that looms in the darkness he is being held in. He must figure out a way to get back control as his life is falling apart. Being stuck observing his own actions, fighting through the …

Trapped: Spring

As the first day of spring is here, Autumn faded a long time ago... Yet the nightmare seems to have no end in sight...
I still can't believe this,  I still can't fathom it... As the years passed, it's been seven months since I ended writing Trapped: Autumn. Half a year since it came out and I had my debut as a writer. Now here I am, to present you the second book, Trapped: Spring. But with the second edition of Autumn and the outing of Spring, comes an end. The end of this two seasons of Trapped and an end to the first edition of Trapped: Autumn.  If you had told me a few years back that I would have two books published, I wouldn't have believed you. Yet I am trying to continue doing this, writing, coming up with ideas for new books, struggling doing three things at once all in order to get a bit closer to my dreams. I won't lie, the disappointment of seeing what this industry is, how dignified people are in practicing certain tactics in order to achieve "gre…

Trapped: Spring The Gods at War Preview

Gods, if you follow me on Instagram or if you have seen the posts on any of the Facebook pages, you might know something about gods being a presence in the Trapped: Series. Or maybe you have read the preview available for Trapped: Autumn on Amazon. So here's a sneak peak of the chapter about gods from Trapped: Spring.

Just as many gods as we were and as few titans as they were, we couldn’t keep an eye on everything, not with the speed the universe was growing. No matter how powerful or omnipresent we were. So as everyone was getting back to their favorite creatures, some planets, solar systems, galaxies evolved to inhabit more than one or just a few creatures. They had a plethora of creatures which gods loved. And as some developed and others were stagnant, envy began to show its face among the gods, together with frustration and anger. Some in their passion, anger or frustration started destroying the places they vowed to protect, just because they weren’t developing as the others…