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Finding a step to step on

I have a problem, I am stuck again. It's disturbing me to the core.
I have this problem, you see. Where I know what I am supposed to do, yet all of my being says I have to be and do otherwise. This inability to focus and do, frustrates me. In the need for fresh air and something new, I look towards nowhere. It hurts and it's bad, when you take steps trying to keep your morals in checks. Yet getting wind blown in your face and a harsh tone whistling with it. As I am stuck in this dammed routine that bores the fuck out of me. Trying to break out, I act like a child in need for attention, when no one bothers and no one cares to listen to my unbridled thoughts. Yet that wouldn't be my problem, as much as no one cares to understand where it all comes from and why. So I struggles with my thoughts and process as I try to evolve and do something else, when I have no avenue of doing what I wish for. Just as much as I am afraid to take the next step, knowing what awaits me. So I try…