Last 9 months.

So it began, so it follows...

This past 9 months I learned a lot, I wrote a lot, I thought a lot, I tried many things, I worked a lot. And to what purpose? I started writing Trapped: Autumn and doing something else, something in my style.

I started learning how to use Photoshop again, doing all sorts of stuff in order to promote Trapped: Autumn. From character posters to all sorts of nonsense. And as I wrote Trapped: Autumn the story unfolded and grew, becoming a story I couldn't stop thinking about. When I finished writing it, the anxiousness started to build up, as the cover was nearly done and I was about to self-publish the first book, my debut in this world with more writers than readers. Then the cover was done, then I published my debut, the first thing I published for anyone and everyone to read and buy. Since this blog was always free for anyone and everyone to read world-wide, the book seemed like a natural next step. So day pass, I start thinking about the next chapter in this story and how to craft it now that I have the experience of the first one behind me.
So while thinking about the next step, I realized something about the first one. I started re-writing and editing the first one again, in order to get the second edition of the book out. Because while thinking about the second one, something clicked. Something in me had changed seeing how it all works from experience. So then, I asked my dear friend to remake the cover for Trapped: Autumn. But let's continue on...
Trapped: Spring began as a planned sequel to Trapped: Autumn, right after I ended my thoughts on how the story for Trapped: Autumn would end. Now, then I started writing this book a bit differently than Autumn. Where with the debut book it was like an automated process, with Spring the process was a bit different due to the fact that I took a break from it until there were 3 weeks left before the publishing date. And in one week I ended the book by writing the remaining 120 pages I had to write in order to finish Spring. This happened for a couple of reasons. From anxiety for finishing this last ark of the Trapped: Season series, to needing a bit of time thinking about one particular chapter. Trying to see if it made any sense, because that one chapter could have either killed the book or build the world around it more. So again, I got the cover, I publish the book, I was done. I had published 2 books in 7 months. Almost two months later I got to have my first presentation, something I wouldn't have thought of when I first started. After the presentation, one week later I had my first interview with a lovely lady that you will get to see soon. Now the same week I had my interview about the books, I released my first line of merchandise and clothing with a design I made for the books:

Something you are able to check out here:

And not just that but this year marks the 7th year of writing this blog. Even if it's not updated weekly due to many circumstances. But, still, 7 years of writing short stories, rants, dumb stuff. And I want to continue, I want to do more and write and create more. No matter the struggle, as the struggle is real. And this has been my last 9 months. It's been a lot, but on the bright side, my girlfriend insisted on selling my kitty puddle doodle on a tote bag:

I won't make any promises, but I will keep you updated. If I don't post, it means that I have nothing to tell you or nothing to say. I am not dead, yet.


  1. I love Photoshop - it's so versatile! Good luck with your future endeavors.


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