Trapped: Seasons


Entity John: Why am I awake? I was supposed to wake up at 10 AM, there’s no sun and no light. Why can’t I move? Why the fuck am I so heavy? I know that I’m in my room, but I don’t know why I am awake at this hour. Actually am I even in my room? Since it’s so dark I can’t see anything. This pain I feel in my chest, this ache in my brain, this darkness that penetrates the soul, feels like I’m about to be taken away by nothingness. Maybe this is just another nightmare, maybe it’s just me imaging everything again. There’s a white noise in the background and all I can see is a bright light shining, thinking this might be the end of whatever this might be. As I approach the light a scream jolts me back to reality, still unable to move, my body seems to be moving all on its own. As my hands cover my eyes I can hear my own voice speak.

John: What the fuck was that? Why this nightmare? Why am I shaking to the bone? I’m afraid of the dream I just had. It felt real, too real.
E. John: I can hear my own voice, I can see myself moving, but it’s not me that it’s in control. I don’t know who or why or even how any of this is possible.

Fuck this, I need to get some coffee and try to forget this nightmare, let’s see if there’s anything good on YouTube.

E. John: I see, I can even hear my own thoughts. But we aren’t the same person right now, right? I mean it’s me, but not me. It’s some version of me. This is kind of fun and kind of scary at the same time. Why is this happening to me? How? Now I’m extremely curious where in my own timeline I am. I should be panicking, but now is not the time for that, that comes later.

Huh, a message from May saying sleep tight, I just got home and I’m going to sleep. At what hour did she send this? Five in the morning? What the fuck was she doing at that hour? She said she’ll go home after finishing her drink when I went to bed, and that was at 1 AM. I don’t fucking get it. Why does she always do this? Oh shit, Game of Thrones. That’s right today is Monday, I totally forgot.

E. John: Monday? Okay, let’s see am I in the future? Did I jump in the future one year from now? What if it’s the new season? What if I’ll get spoiled? Shit. I can’t escape. I don’t want to be spoiled. Also dude, actually never mind. If she said she’ll be home after a drink and she got at home only at five I understand him. Does that mean that by next year I’ll still be with May? That’s awesome. I haven’t had a relationship that long. But still, this is freaky. How can I even describe what I am going through? It’s nuts.

Now that the coffee is prepared, let’s start up that laptop and start watching Game of Thrones.
E. John: Oh fuck me, this isn’t the future, this is a week ago. Exactly one fucking week ago. Why? How? What the fuck happened last week? I don’t even remember most of it. God damn it, I’m groundhog day-ing this.

I can’t get enough of this opening song.

E. John: Shut the fuck up. I’m trying to think here, stop singing. Well, the time for panic is now, maybe. God damn it. Why am I repeating the same fucking week, and it’s not like I am repeating it, I have to see myself repeat it.

Oh wait, I forgot my phone.

E. John: Wait, no! Don’t get up so fast. Don’t run.

Where did I put it?

E. John: Motherf… I fell out of my own body. Stop running and dragging me all over the place you douche!

Here it is. Did I get old? Or why am I already out of breath?

E. John: Maybe it’s because you’re dragging a ghost that weighs exactly the same as you do? Is that even a thing? Do I have any mass? Fuck that. So I can be in and out of my body without controlling it. I do have some kind of effect on my former self, since I can hear his or what were my own thoughts. And I’m back in time a week. Also am I a ghost? Wraith? In any case some weird entity that weighs my former self down somehow. But that means that I’m dead, right? There’s no other explanation than that. I’m very possibly dead. But do entities like me even travel through time? Hmm, being a ghost and being dead that means that you’ll live outside of time and space, right? That’s what heaven is supposed to be, right? Look at and overlook over the whole world at any time as you’re dead? But that would mean that I can only do that, if I look from the beginning of my life to the end of time? Or from the beginning of time to the end of my own life? In theory I could just watch myself from birth to death and the death of the universe or vice versa. Yet I’m stuck here, a week before what I suppose it’s my own death. Why? What would God want me to do? Not die? Isn’t God’s will and plan for me to die in 7 days? This doesn’t make any sense. Why am I not in hell or heaven? Or is this it? Do I have to repeat this stupid fucking week forever? Is this my punishment? Well at least I’m not tortured. And is it even 7 days? What the fuck is this? How much do I have to repeat? A day? Two? A week? Where are the fucking instructions or a tutorial when you need it? And oh my fucking god, I have to relive and cringe at everything that I have been doing. This is hell. Yup. That’s it, it’s hell. Haha! I figured it out. This is my punishment for everything. Like I wasn’t punished enough on Earth. How fucking nice! Thank you, whoever is doing this to me. For putting me through this all over again. It’s not like I wanted to ever move on with my life.
May: Hey, how are you sexy?
John: I’ve been thinking about you, walking sex appeal.
May: Oh god, that’s so horrible.
John: I’m glad you’re laughing at least.
E. John: No, she’s right that was terrible, what’s the matter with you?
May: So want to go out tomorrow?
John: Sure, no problem.
May: Yay!
John: So how are you?
May: Fine, for now…
John: Optimistic, I like it.
E. John: So is there a point to all this? Are you guys going somewhere with this conversation?
May: Oh yeah, are you coming to the course today?
John: Yeah, I’ll start preparing in a minute.
May: You should be more thoughtful.
John: I know dear, you should too.
May: What?
John: Nothing. See you there.
May: Sure, okay. See you.
E. John: Dude, you finished the episode, start prepping for college. And stop making stupid remarks. Why am I yelling? He can’t hear me. What’s wrong with me? Why do I already hate myself? It’s been only a few hours.

I don’t want to go to this course, I really don’t enjoy any of it. It’s boring, it doesn’t help me in any way. And I can’t seem to see any point in it. Also it seems that there’s enough content for me to watch and plow through if I stay at home. May can handle herself at this course and so can Will.

E. John: What is wrong with me? Was I really like this last week?

Also it’s about Shakespeare’s The Tempest. I really don’t have time for such a stupid story like that.

May: Please do come to this course, you know that it will have a very hard exam and it’s not that easy.
John: I know dear, don’t worry.
May: Okay, I just wanted to check.

I really don’t want any of that, at this point I can clearly ask myself why I chose to go to this college, or any college for that matter.

E. John: This is unbearable.

Also since I’m gonna be late I don’t want to impose on anyone or disturb the class.

E. John: Sure, now you’re making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself. That’s nice.

Well anyway, I should probably go. I can’t let myself be the way I was before. Making excuses, being obsessed with everything on the internet, not going out, not wanting to interact with people. Sometimes it feels like I’m a sorry excuse for a student and a man.

E. John: You’re not wrong. And it’s a first, at least for now.

Will: Dude, move your ass already or you’re gonna be late again.
John: Fine. Be there in 10.
Will: Hope so, don’t make me insist like I do on the others.
John: You should get a life, first of all. Second of all, don’t worry dude.

I should be feeling lucky to have May, but sadly I find hard to have any enthusiasm at this point, since most of the relationships I had ended up in flames. The fact is that she was very nice to me and she didn’t treat me like others did before. So I should embrace that and our relationship if nothing more. But just like in that movie Her, “I sometimes think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve felt before.” It’s nothing but sad, to think that by the age of 21 I can achieve such feat, it’s astonishing to think that one could have peaked emotionally at this age. I’ve loved, I’ve hated, I was betrayed, lied to, I’ve been hated, loved, cared for and thrown aside. Sure I can’t say that I’ve had children to feel the emotions of a parent, but I can’t say I haven’t thought of that or wouldn’t understand how it all feels. It’s weird talking to yourself like this, what if someone reads your thoughts?

The thoughts I have are completely irrelevant, it does not help me with my own settlement in this world. Why do I ask myself all this? What’s the point? I’m not smart in any way, I’m too lazy to do a proper study of anything I wish to argue against. My stories can’t be more than 5 pages or else they lack any real substance, or they are too complicated. My poetry just sucks because the rhymes are plain. It seems like the creative ideas I have suck because of my poor way of expressing them. It’s pissing me off, knowing that I could do better. I should probably sleep, even so I can’t really focus on anything. I should be laughing my ass off at this videos, I don’t even smile. Probably seen from the outside it would look like I’m frowning. Oh great, an email from the story I posted two day ago. As expected a simple comment saying “Okay…I have to say that this makes absolutely no sense and has no actual point other than being repetitive”, “What is this about actually? A loser of a man?”, “Yeah, this is great, let’s just repeat what others have said but put it in a text, surely no one will notice it.” I don’t quite get it, I haven’t stolen this from anywhere, also the story is really short and sweet and it has a point. Do they really think that the repetition has no sense? It’s for putting emphasis on everything that it has been written up to that point. Also how the fuck doesn’t it make any sense, it’s clear as day. The subject matter and the point the story is trying to make. But that’s what I get for putting in on the internet. Well, actually even if I published a book with stories like this story, it would probably be very badly reviewed. Since most literature critics have their heads stuck up their own asses, I really don’t want anything to do with them. They are horrible and miserable people, even worse than internet commentators. I will never ever go to another book release or public critic review of anything. They totally ruined it for me. I mean it killed the passion I had for commentary on any art, when you see how they act and how mighty they think themselves to be. And how no one understands the author more than they do. It’s just too ridiculous to describe what I’ve seen, when it comes to poets, writers, literary critics and critics of fine art. Such hypocrites and such stupidity, you could probably sell them literally shit on a canvas and someone would still buy it. I should probably try and sell them shit on a canvas, maybe I’ll make some money of those assholes. No matter what I will do, no one will ever think that maybe this guy has a point. All anyone cares is about their dicks to be stroked, the story to be simple enough so it is obvious. Maybe only then I would be called a good writer, if I would hit the readers with very stupid and simple shit. Since no one cares to pay attention to what they read. I am pretty sure I could hide a very fucked up remark in my book and no one would be bothered by it. Simply because they wouldn’t remember it. Yet I am sure they would tear my book apart, searching for grammar mistakes, for run-on sentences. I have been doing this for a few years now, yet it still feels like I am starting all over again, every time I publish a new short story. This sucks so much, it’s infuriating and frustrating and stupid. What did they expect to find in a little story named “The start of a beautiful ending”? Should I really make it more obvious for these idiots to get the point I am making? I am too tired for this kind of thing. I am not okay mentally or emotionally to deal with this right now. And why won’t they just read and enjoy it? Sure they can go and watch Transformers and have a lot of fucking fun, but they have to doubt a simple short story. And this keeps happening at every single fucking story I publish. Are you kidding me? Is it really that hard to understand? Or are they just trolling me? Usually I don’t pay attention to any of that, but this will never stop. I would have understood, if it was some real and thoughtful criticism. But it never really is. I don’t know why the fuck I am arguing this with myself, but it bothers me. Having my work treated like this, it’s mostly bullshit. Especially when you do something you like. Maybe I should re-read the text, because I don’t quite get the comments that were left. Who knows, maybe I missed something.
The Start of a beautiful Ending

Once a boy, once a man, now a piece of what it was supposed to be. It was supposed to be? A great wall? A wise builder? An explosion in people’s hearts? Maybe all, or maybe none. He look fought and he look drowned, like the years he once found but now has lost. The last spark in his eyes, the last night before a new sun. That’s all he maybe wished for, to see a shine in someone else. To see a spark fly high by the fire that he brought, but it seems he never made it. Now the spark is flying high, but the fire wasn’t his. The fire he thought he could bring to others made him burn faster than any sun there is. He was 25 but looked 65, he was handsome but now his white hair and wrinkles show every single time he tried to start a fire and burn bright. But his skin is just like ash, his finger tips are black from all the grinding he had done. The red that shined once in his hair had been long gone. He was sickly, but still refined, looked like there was still a bit of fire in his eyes. Like it’s said the hope dies last, but usually we die from burning faster trying to hold onto it. So the once child, so the once man, now nothing of anything of what he dreamed of.

All start this way, born from a flame, given a spark and made to be held throughout their life. Fewer and fewer know how to create a pure flame and start a fire that can build. Maybe it’s just meant to be, since we haven’t been thought how to handle it or how to make a fire. Since we’re little we’ve been told that fire burns, but we’ve never learned that it can bring warmth or light when it is dark and we’re deprived of everything but a few sticks and some dried leaves. Yet when we emerge it’s all we’re given. You can look at it as a punishment, a lesson, a gift, whatever you chose to do with what you’re give you can either burn or die freezing on the ground.

As we see stars, we see the sun, we see the moon, they all shine, they all are bright. But once you take your eyes of them all that remains it the light they are shining, but once gone you’re nothing but blind. The same can be said about the flame that shines upon you by those that gave you the spark, but once they are gone and your flame might never come to fruition as long as you don’t know what to do with your spark but set yourself on fire and burn those that try to come near you. There might be the beauty lay, in suffering for nothing. There might power lay, with those that come to an end. There at the end might we find the few humans left, where no other degenerate monster can appear, where those that lacked any luck or instructions cannot get to. But I guess that wouldn’t matter, if too many would know how to spark a fire the world would burn a beautiful blue, red fire that would be the end of us. So as we walk, we burn, we freeze, we stand, we shall not evolve, not keep warmth but burn us all.

As the child, the man, the entity that became nothing, the young, old wrinkly man took one last breath, one last breath of faith and hope, he lets the spark that was in him fly. Fly to a beautiful end, one that we can’t escape.

Thus it’s always just the start of a beautiful yet tragic ending.


As gods lay down on earth for humanity, the clash between every belief, every entity ensued. Leaving humanity to decide, which gods are the true gods that will rule over humanity and those that will perish with time. The ones that failed, remained only with those that stated their choice from the start, for the rest of humanity, the gods that prevailed had different names for different kingdoms and empires. Yet being the same gods in essence for everyone. Those angry that their gods, had lost their battle and created a new god. A god that resides over all, a god that encompasses all gods combined, in power, intelligence, love and hate. A god with the wrath of many that came before him, power that overtook the ones before, by creating with a slight move of his hands an entire universe. In fear of such god, the rest hid in the darkest corners of our earth, to remain untouched, unseen, forgotten by everyone. The ones that prevailed in scaring them, took over with the word of God, but just as before the same God, was created in different kingdoms, in different places with the same essence. Each with their own book, their own faith, their own name for the same deity. In one year humanity had chosen its gods and created another god to scare the rest into hiding. Demolishing and creating gods, at this point one is left to ask who is the God? Humans under the new god thrived. As years had passed humans continued their war between which God is the real and authentic one. Crusades, wars, corruption, poverty and general chaos was upon humanity as the all mighty God did not interfere. The all mighty and powerful God that was created by humans and ruled with the help of the gods that had lost humanity’s first choice. Was killed by the same gods that once helped him rule. Now the remaining gods fought between themselves, trying to take the position of the one they had murdered. As the gods that were in hiding on Earth did not know what had happened in the realm of gods, they tried aiding humanity in any possible human way they could. In their times of war, their times of despair or when disasters struck. Yet when the gods were forced to witness a ceremony, they were thrown back into their realm to be part of what was nothing but a repetition of previous events. Over two thousand years gone from what was once their home, now they find it destroyed by a thousand year old war between gods. Something that would prolong the war by many centuries. What can’t be described by the mind of a writer or the words available for humanity to understand the events that take place in their realm.
It started with nothing, just emptiness, darkness, no light, no existence, no movement, just nothing. As far as you can see from one side to the other there was nothing. But from nothing there can’t be anything, you can’t make anything out of nothing, nor can anyone do anything. So when nothing became too much for itself, it became sick, it became unruly, so out of nothing a couple of dust were born to raise, to race in the darkness, to collide. Those two particles collided, shining a light in the emptiness that we call today the universe. Everything was of pure chance and luck, for the cynical it can be called a mistake that will be corrected sometime soon. Those two particles were the ones that created everything that is and grows today. Those two were Odin and Freya, ever since then we ruled this universe, together, as one. Through our movement in that nothingness, we generated particles, explosions of moving force and things we couldn’t understand. As we moved without knowledge. Nor did we understand how the nothingness got so dense that it collapsed into itself in order to spit the two specs of dust. But that didn’t matter to us, the more we moved the more light was created, the more forms were around us. We slowly took the form of gods, a powerful being with immense power. As we slowly took form we started seeing particle crash and collide around us, a spectacle of light and warmth. We saw the rise of many suns, black holes and the fall of it all due to gravitational forces. Creating another explosion and expending the universe in an amazing display of light and color. As the first sun started to take its form, soon planets and moons started appearing. When we finally got our form together, so did the first solar system. We couldn’t understand the arrangement nor did we care. When we hardly knew how our bodies worked and what we were capable of. Gods have different shapes of bodies, different properties, we know that know. But imagine being the first being alive, with no idea how or what you have transformed into does or how it works. With everything new around us, it was confusing, they say gods have all the knowledge, but how can one have knowledge when it doesn’t even exist? Now that we had bodies with unknown properties, a first solar system and no idea what to do with ourselves, we continued moving around. And with time, other gods came to be. Before earth, before any civilization anywhere, gods were rising. One after the other, gods came into being, without any say from any other living creation. With each god the universe grew, each time it grew, the harder it was for us to follow what was happening. Nor did we know how and why these new gods took form. It was one mystery after the other, even today we don’t really understand what happened back then. Not even the gods that were born knew how and why. It managed to get from one solar system to several and from two gods to a few. Yet we were peaceful, we were having our time in space, observing, discovering this already vast universe. Since the universe was growing faster than we could keep up with all that was coming into creation, whether it was god, planet, sun or galaxy. We were finding newborn gods in our walks through the universe. We had to grow them and help them understand their purpose in this universe. Not that we knew what our purpose was, but we got used to observing and trying to understand what was happening. As time passed by we started to discover powers, powers we didn’t know we had, since all we did was observe and run around. You can’t imagine the number of gods with amazing powers we had found at one point. Others stronger than us two and others with powers you can’t imagine or describe, or even comprehend. We were growing steady, so was the universe, thus the first living creatures began to appear, evolve, show their first signs of intelligence. We the gods had never seen anything like that, not until that point that is. We ourselves never created anything directly, not through our touch or through our will. We had promised ourselves to keep away.
Jan: Keep away?
We had promised to never created or interfere, but observe and be amazed with what was happening. We were fascinated, we tried to study everything that was and is or was about to be. So when the first creatures appeared, we couldn’t understand them. We couldn’t understand what they were, why they were like that, how did they work? It was a mystery for all of us. Then the gods started racing trying to find other creations like those we stumbled upon. Everyone wanted to show their discoveries, they wanted to be the first to discover something and be wiser above all. To show their special found beings and by how much better they are than the others. All this before this planet was even formed. With more creatures to become, gods started trying to take place as guardians of the worlds and the creatures they had discovered. Back then we did not know if those creatures were intelligent or in the position of evolving into something intelligent. We couldn’t tell the difference between an animal and an intelligent being, considering that those were the first forms of life we encountered that weren’t gods. As years had passed gods started getting separated from each other. They started overseeing galaxies or solar systems where they found their favorite creatures. They started to help them, to give them goods, to care for them too much. No one cared for the newborn gods that were still appearing as the universe was still expanding. Something that turned to be a mistakes, as those that weren’t cared for started destroying other worlds, started fights with other gods. That’s the moment when the first war between gods was clearly imminent. With all the effort we and other gods had put in order to try and calm them down, we failed. So a war between those we had failed to raise and pay attention to and we the ones that grew too close to the weird creations, started. As any war, there were many loses on both sides. Gods were dying, others were again born without being cared for and in the midst of a war. There were also traitors on both sides, gods that had switched sides and points of view. The war had escalated to a point where you couldn’t trust the one next to you. We had to have a fourth generation of gods born during the time of war in order to end it. The losing side of the first generation of gods that weren’t cared for had to either step down as gods and work for the winning side. That was the moment the first titans came into being. Or to be sentenced to death on the accounts of war crimes. Most of them chose death over trying to work with us. Even though we won, we knew that we were wrong to mistreat them or not care for them. So from that moment on a number of gods volunteered to raise the newborn gods we would find, all under my command. Just as others volunteered to be under the command of your father, to have a defense in case of another uprising or war between gods. Imagine an elite army of gods that were under the rule of your father. So the first war that had lasted for a million years came to an end.
Jan: A million fucking years? And that’s all you tell me about the war?
Remember, by this time, the universe was only two billion years young, this was the first of many conflicts to be. This is only the beginning of time as we understand it, at least for a small part of the universe. At this point we hadn’t had any intelligent life forms.
Jan: Not one? None in two billion years?
Just as many gods as we were and as few titans as they were, we couldn’t keep an eye on everything, not with the speed the universe was growing. No matter how powerful or omnipresent we were. So as everyone was getting back to their favorite creatures, some planets, solar systems, galaxies evolved to inhabit more than one or just a few creatures. They had a plethora of creatures which gods loved. And as some developed and others were stagnant, envy began to show its face among the gods, together with frustration and anger. Some in their passion, anger or frustration started destroying the places they vowed to protect, just because they weren’t developing as the others were. Meanwhile those that were conquered by envy started throwing shade at the galaxies they envied, all in order to freeze them and stop their growth. Others were more direct or violent in their attempts by directly hurling asteroids, planets or even suns at other galaxies.
Jan: Oh, so here’s the second war I suppose.
With your father’s guard intervening the conflict was fast calmed down. Yet that peace wasn’t for long, as those gods had lost their creatures and place, they had nothing. So they found allies in titans, the fallen gods from the first war. Together with the titans, these gods started a new war by assassinating those that were the target of their envy. And thus the second war starts, all because of envy and wrath. Your father and his army couldn’t contain an all-out brawl between the gods, gods that were attacking each other ruthlessly. No more alliances, no more armies, just chaos, many planets were destroyed, many galaxies vanished. That was the moment I became the goddess of war. As I had to step in next to your father and fight in this absurd war between our own kind. And again, new generations of newborn gods that weren’t cared for became and entered a war that was started thousands of years before their birth. We sent some of our remaining friends to look after those newborn gods, to keep them out of the harm’s way until they could understand what was happening around them. And to make them understand that they have to defend what others tried to destroy in their hatred. To make the right choice when they were called upon. As time had passed, the war seemed to never stop raging. Backstabbers began to show in all the camps that were built, trust again had vanished and there was nothing anyone could do to stop the war. By this time everyone had a grudge against someone. The carnage and horror of seeing almighty gods fall, their rage, their hate and what seemed to be the end of us all, it was sad. Slowly with time your father and I were cast away from the war, no one seemed to want to attack us, to speak with us, to be under our command. It felt like all the gods and titans spared us to remain to tell the story of what seemed to be the end of many generations of gods, including the first one.
Jan: And? Didn’t you use this opportunity to destroy those you were waging war against?
Killing any of the gods wasn’t an option for us, after millions of years of war, the question of who was in right and who was in wrong had vanished.
Jan: What? Why?
Since everyone had a grudge against someone, since everyone took part and had done something against someone. How can you judge who was in right and who was the one that needed punishment? There was no god without sin, without an action that couldn’t have been deemed wrong. We could have killed those that started in the right, because by now they were in the wrong. And those that started in the wrong did many things that could be deemed right. Nor did we want to become monsters in order to end the war. We were the first gods, we were the oldest gods, which was strange.

Cindy: So how are you?
Amber: Fine, why?
Cindy: It just seems that you are in a bit distress.
Amber: Well, actually…
Cindy: Yes?
Amber: Mike suddenly started acting weird.
Cindy: Meaning?
Amber: He suddenly wants us to get married.
Cindy: So? Why is that weird?
Amber: Because it was so sudden, the talk about a wedding and getting married. I wonder what’s gotten into him.
Cindy: What if he just wants to spend his entire life with you? Why would that be weird?
Amber: I don’t know.
Cindy: Well, you know…
Amber: What?
Cindy: You’ve been engaged for a long time. He must be tired of waiting to get married.
Amber: I know, but what if it isn’t the time?
Jane: Time for what?
Cindy: Her getting married.
Jane: Haven’t you been engaged to your man for six years already?
Amber: Yes.
Jane: Dear, it is never the time to get married. You either do it or you don’t.
Cindy: She does have a point.
Amber: Don’t you have any work to do?
Jane: I’m on my break, so not right now.
Amber: Already?
Jane: It’s 12:50. So yes, a ten minute break.
Message from Mike: On a break?
Reply to Mike: Yes. You too?
Message from Mike: Yes, otherwise I think most students would break without these ten minutes.
Reply to Mike: I would understand them. You have another course after this one and done, right?
Message from Mike: Yes. Then it’s cooking time.
Jane: Your man?
Amber: Yes.
Jane: He’s a professor, right?
Amber: Yes.
Cindy: College professor, a smart cutie.
Jane: Impressive.
Cindy: You never met him?
Jane: When? She is hiding him, in three years not once did she bring him to a party.
Amber: It is not my fault he had to grade papers and work.
Jane: Still…
Amber: Break over, now go back to your desk.
Jane: Right, going, bye.
Amber: She is so nosy.
Cindy: Come on, she just wants what’s best for you. Besides, she is happily married and she grew up with men.
Amber: Grew up with men?
Cindy: Well, she had numerous brothers and was educated by her father.
Amber: Sometimes the way you express yourself lacks, a lot. So, what you mean to tell me is that she was homeschooled, and that she has two or three older brothers.
Cindy: Yes.
Amber: Okay. And that makes her an expert in relationships?
Cindy: No, but maybe she has more sense and sensibility than we do.
Amber: Sure, I could see why you think that.
Cindy: So what do you plan on doing with Mike? Should I start saving up for your wedding? Oh, a bachelorette party, haven’t been to one of those in a year and a half.
Amber: Stop daydreaming, we are still at work.
Cindy: So?
Amber: I don’t know yet. We have a lot of things to decide. We barely talked about it.
Cindy: Okay. Just tell me if I should start preparing.
Amber: Prepare?
Cindy: Well a maid of honor has a lot of things to prepare and do, you know?
Amber: Who said that you are going to be the maid of honor?
Cindy: Don’t be so mean.
Amber: Sorry, it is in my nature.
Cindy: Apology accepted.
John: I don’t get it.
Anton: What?
John: Any language is easy to be understood. If you understand the basic mechanics of it. Yet they have to add bullshit to it.
Anton: Like? Be a bit more specific, you could refer to anything by saying that. And it really isn’t helpful.
John: I mean look at what she is talking about. There are three “realms” of the language? The universal, the traditional and the individual. Why?
Anton: What do you mean why?
John: I mean it does make sense, but they aren’t “realms”, if anything they are means to understand how language works.
Anton: Sure, you can say that. Even if it is the same thing, but in different terms.
John: And not only that, but every subject we are learning it’s part of linguistics. Whether it’s classical literature or semantics, it’s all part of linguistics. If anything, they should distinguish between the technical part of language, and the artistic part of it.
Anton: Why?
John: If you look at any science there is the hypothetical part of it, so the theoretical side. And then there is the practical part of it, which puts things to the test, so the technical side of it. Does this make any sense?
Anton: Kind of, depends where you are going with this. Because it can get very confusing.
John: Okay, let’s see. Let’s put it like this, semantics, phonetics, morphology are the technical part of a language, to give just a few examples. Where they put out the rules that the language uses, right?
Anton: Okay, sure.
John: Now, Literary theory and all these subjects, about interpretation and literary works, are the theoretical part. They put out theories and use language to give us what ifs.
Anton: I see what you mean. So for linguistics to be considered a real science you want to divide it into two, right? The theoretical part that gives you what ifs and the technical side that gives you the answers to what ifs and makes the rules, right?
John: Yes, but not only that.
Anton: Okay, now I am curious.
John: Language presupposes everything that uses language. And here’s the part that seems theoreticians leave out. Mathematics, biology, chemistry, astronomy, everything we do is based on language, and our understanding of language. Which would make linguistics the all-encompassing science, one that covers everything from literature, paintings, rocket science to everything there is in this world. From the most insignificant word or gesture to the biggest ideas that we can express.
Anton: Now I get it. So what you are saying is, that it should just focus on language and its use, but nothing more, right?
John: That makes me sound like an asshole or that I don’t know enough, but yes, something along those lines.
Anton: How do you even come up with these?
John: Boredom.
Anton: You need to find a hobby.
John: I already have like twenty.
May: I will wait for you outside. If you want us to go on a date or just sit and talk.
John: Sure.
Anton: So we going smoking?
John: No, got to run. See you tomorrow.
Anton: Sure.
Mike: One down, one left.
Mary: Lucky you.
Mike: I know.
Mary: I still have one seminar and that conference I have to attend.
Mike: I can’t say I’m sorry that I won’t attend.
Paul: What are you guys talking about?
Mary: He is boasting about having only one remaining course, while I suffer.
Paul: Why are you suffering?
Mary: The conference.
Diane: You shouldn’t suffer. You should be glad that you’re organizing it.
Paul: That is true.
Diane: I tried applying to have a conference too this year, but apparently they didn’t care for it.
Charles: At least they considered you, they rejected me without even listening to what I had planned. Do you know how painful that experience is? To be rejected without even faking interest in what I had to say?
Mary: Got the point, but it is still a lot of work. Not only that but, I started preparing for this the moment they gave me the green light for it.
Mike: Well, I am speechless. Because you were very enthusiastic about this conference, and what it can do.
Mary: I was, but the amount of things that I have to deal with, and do not make sense are way too many.
Charles: It is your first conference in five years since you are here, right?
Mary: Yes.
Diane: I wasn’t given one until I was in my seventh year here. So you should feel lucky.
Paul: Shouldn’t you prepare something for next year?
Mike: I am still thinking about it.
Charles: You should hurry, this year is almost at its end.
Mike: I will, but right now I have another course.
May: So, what do you want to do?
John: I don’t care. We can do whatever you want.
May: You should take charge too sometimes.


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